Drager Fabius OS Rental

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Drager Fabius OS Rental Features

Soma Technology offers the Drager Fabius OS anesthesia machine as a rental option. The Drager Fabius OS is a highly accurate, third-generation E-vent piston ventilator. The Fabius OS does not require drive gas to operate. The universal design of the electronically controlled, electrically driven piston ventilator enables clinicians to effectively ventilate a wide range of patients at different acuity levels from neonates to adults. This Fabius is optimized for safe and accurate delivery of low-flow anesthesia due to its precision piston ventilator, fresh gas decoupling valve, and actively heated breathing system, which is designed to eliminate rainout. Soma offers different rental options including rent-to-own to accommodate your specific needs.

  • Familiar operation and layout ensure ease of use and a short learning curve.
  • RS 232 enables communication with automated record-keeping systems for enhanced patient throughput.
  • Convenient compact breathing system (COSY).
  • Ventilates any patient – even as your needs change to accommodate sicker patients with more complex procedures.
  • Consumes no drive gas, allowing dramatically increased ventilation time and reduced cost.


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