BladderScan BVI 3000 Rental

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BladderScan BVI 3000 Bladder Scan

Soma Technology offers the BladderScan BVI 3000 Bladder Scanner as a rental option. The BladderScan BVI 3000 Bladder Scanner is a portable, noninvasive ultrasound instrument that measures bladder volume. It is battery-operated, easy to use, and quickly provides accurate results. In less than five minutes, you can use the BladderScan BVI 3000 to obtain a precise reading of a patient’s bladder volume. The BladderScan BVI 3000 supplies the information that caregivers need to diagnose, treat, and manage urinary conditions.

The BladderScan has clinical applications in various disciplines, from private practice to acute and extended care. When you use the BladderScan, you can be confident that you’re providing your patients with the best care available. Soma offers different rental options including rent-to-own to accommodate your specific needs.

  • LCD screen displays bladder position and volume; aiming icon assists in proper probe placement.
  • The 3D display shows the bladder in 2 cross-sectional images to verify an accurate scan.
  • Easy-to-print exam results for patient records or reimbursement procedures.
  • Helps document cost savings and catheterizations-prevented based on user-determined statistical input.


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Looking to sell your bladder scanners? Soma ensures your facility gets top dollar for your equipment and also gives the option for trade-in credit.

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