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Zoll R Series Features

Soma Technology offers the Zoll R Series Defibrillator as a rental option. The Zoll R Series is a defibrillator and monitor that can provide CPR, defibrillation, and pacing therapies. The Zoll R is not just known as being a defibrillator it offers 3-lead ECG, pacing, end-tide Co2, Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP), and SpO2 Monitoring. With wireless connectivity, the defibrillator can give health providers a quick overall snapshot of the patient’s health via a PC or mobile device. With a color display screen, you can view the CPR dashboard which can show depth, rate, and visual indicators of compression releases.

R Series Plus

A fully functional, manual defibrillator that powers on as an AED, the R Series Plus can be converted to a manual defibrillator with the push of one button.

R Series ALS

The first R Series manual defibrillator; available with networking capabilities and SeeThru CPR®.

R Series BLS

This cost-effective, entry-level defibrillator is ideal for low-acuity areas, where advanced capabilities are rarely needed. First responders can use the BLS as a one-button AED until the Code Team arrives and switches the unit to the manual defibrillator mode with SpO2 and optional pacing. Soma offers different rental options including rent-to-own to accommodate your specific needs.


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