Drager Isolette C2000 Rental

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Drager Isolette C2000 Rental Features

Soma Technology offers Drager Isolette C2000 fetal monitors as a rental option. The Dräger Isolette C2000 is an incubator that comes with a thermal regulation system that is used to help keep the baby in a stable environment. The incubator creates a calm zone with very low air velocity over the mattress area. The Drager Isolette C2000 makes it easy to get an x-ray of the baby without any disturbance. there is space conveniently located under the mattress where the X-ray cassette can easily slide to take X-rays. At the same time, the Air-shield Isolette puts all the critical information within your reach with a display screen that showcases the air temperature, skin temperature, heater power, oxygen, and humidity within the incubator.

  • Advanced thermoregulation system: This keeps the baby in a stable environment. It creates a calm zone that surrounds the neonate to inhibit convective heat loss. Maintain virtually stable conditions during access to the infant.
  • Mobile: The easy-to-move Isolette C2000 gives you the placement flexibility you need. With its compact design and small footprint, it fits easily in almost any NICU design, maximizing space for other equipment, caregivers, and parents.
  • Design: Designed for comfort and ease of use. Quiet hand ports and large, hinged sidewalls on both sides of the Isolette C2000 provide ample access to the neonate for daily care or procedures. All controls and sensor modules are easy to reach, replace, and service.
  • The C2000 incubator allows for simultaneous care of twins in the same unit.


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