GE Panda Warmer Rental

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GE Panda Warmer Rental Features

Soma Tech Intl offers the GE Panda Warmer infant warmer as a rental option. The Panda warmer keeps babies warm through temperature regulation. The heater unit is small and recessed to give more overhead room for the patient. The Panda iRes Warmer features hands-free alarm silencing with easy-to-read control panels. Optional SpO2 and Respiration modules are available. The Radiant heat from the heater unit is focused onto the bed to warm the patient. It can be run in 2 different heater modes. Manual mode and Baby mode. If manual mode is selected, the heater is regulated by the operator. If Baby mode is selected the heater output is modulated to maintain the patient’s temperature at a selected value.

  • Innovative recessed heater.
  • Optional in-bed scale.
  • Optional SpO2 and respiratory modules.
  • Full-color display.
  • Hands-free alarm silencing.
  • Sleek design.


Questions about our Infant Warmer Rentals?

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