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Skytron 6500 Features

Soma Technology offers the Skytron 6500 Surgical Table as a rental option.The Skytron Elite 6500 series surgical tables are electro-hydraulically operated, general-purpose surgical tables. The electro-hydraulic positioning functions are operated by the hand-held, push-button, pendant controller. On the controller, you have the options for Trendelenburg, Lateral tilt, Back section, Elevation, Leg section, Flex/reflex, Kidney life, Return to level, and the floor lock/brake system. There are manual controls that provide positioning for the head section, tabletop rotation, emergency brake release, and leg section removal. The hand-held pendant control unit has a non-slip rubber cover which assures a positive grip during use. A spring clip hanger located on the back allows it to be stored on the Trendelenburg cylinder cap bracket or the table side rails. Activating any function on the pendant control unit will activate the brake system.

The exclusive 180-degree rotation top features allow for unobstructed C-arm and microscope coverage. Additionally, it eliminates conflicts between the surgeon and the anesthesiologist during head-end procedures and provides ample legroom for surgeons who prefer to sit during procedures. The patient orientation is always correct with respect to the table controls. The head is always at the head end whether the table is in the standard or rotated configuration. The hand control has an easy-to-use design and features a return-to-level button that provides instant control of all table functions. It has recessed buttons to eliminate the possibility of accidental activation. The hand control also features a water-resistant steel housing that is more durable than that of plastic hand controls. The Skytron 6500 has a great height range. It allows a comfortable working height whether the surgeon prefers to sit or stand. The 6500 has a fully articulated movement with patients up to 500 pounds. It doesn’t matter if the table is in standard or a rotated configuration. This surgical table features a removable leg section to provide improved access during the perineal approach. If you are looking for something that can lift more than 500 pounds, get a quote for the Skytron 6500 HD. While some surgical tables claim to have a 500-pound capacity, the Skytron Elite 6500 has the true ability to lift and fully articulate a 500-pound patient even with the tabletop rotated 180-degrees. Soma offers different rental options including rent-to-own to accommodate your specific needs.

  • 500 pounds weight capacity.
  • Provides full body imaging.
  • Instant response table movements.
  • Easy-to-use pendant control.
  • Uses: urology, neurosurgery, orthopedic, cysto, vascular, E.N.T., and open heart.


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