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Soma Tech Intl offers one of the largest selection of Demo and Refurbished NICU equipment in the industry. Soma prides itself on only supplying the best NICU equipment from top manufacturers like GE, Philips, Covidien, and more! Soma not only technically refurbishes their medical equipment back to OEM specifications but also cosmetically refurbishes them too. This not only ensures the products functions like new, but also look like new. Hospitals and medical facilities all around the country sell their used medical equipment when looking to upgrade their units. Soma purchases used NICU devices from these facilities and refurbish them to work and look the way it did when it originally left the manufacturer. When NICU medical equipment comes to our facility, it gets tested and inspected in our ISO certified facility by our own team of certified biomedical engineers. If necessary, parts and components are replaced to ensure the unit is working like new. All of these devices undergo a series of tests to ensure all features of the medical device are in working order. After everything is working like new the product goes to our cosmetics department where it is cleaned, sanded, repainted, and if necessary decals are placed. Before being labeled patient ready, the equipment goes through one last quality control check before being packaged up and labeled patient ready.

NICU Meaning

What does NICU stand for? NICU stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The NICU is a department that is equipped to provide necessary intensive care to ill or premature newborn babies. Neonatal care is typically referred to as care given to a patient during the first 28 days of life. NICU’s and specialized nurseries have been around since the 1960s. The first intensice care unit (ICU) was opened in October 1960 at Yale New Haven Hospital.