Surgical Microscopes

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Valleylab SSE2L ESU - Electrosurgical Unit - Soma Tech Intl

Valleylab SSE2L

Valleylab SSE2L Features The Valleylab SSE2L ESU is a general-purpose electrosurgical generator intended for use in an operating room. The SSE2L electrosurgical unit has both monopolar and bipolar output connections….

Soma Tech Intl - Sony UP-DR80MD Digital Printer

Sony UP-DR80MD

…flexible for cable-free connection to surgical endoscopes, ultrasound systems, and other hospital imaging modalities with compatible wireless capability. The UP-DR80MD printer prints on A4 (8.25in x 11.75 in) and letter…

Tuttnauer EZ11 Plus Autoclave - Soma Tech Intl

Tuttnauer EZ11 Plus

…steam as a sterilizing agent to completely sterilize surgical and non-surgical instruments. Steam Sterilization of medical instruments is a safe and effective way to clean. The newly designed, ergonomically friendly…

Medtronic 5388 - Temporary External Pacemaker - Soma Tech Intl

Medtronic 5388 Dual Channel

…or lithium battery. DDD, DVI, DDI, DOO, VOO, VVI, AOO, and AAI pacing therapy modes. Compatible with Medtronic 5433A, Medtronic M5433V, Medtronic 5832, and Medtronic 5832S pacing and surgical cables….

Axia Mayo stands - Soma Tech Intl

Axia Mayo Stand

Axia Mayo Stands Features The Axia Mayo Stands are adjustable stainless steel stands with a removable tray top. This surgical mayo stand series can hold instruments and materials during the…

Axia Space Saver Tables - Soma Tech Intl

Axia Space Saver Tables

Axia Space Saver Table Features The Axia Space Saver Table is a stainless steel welded table that can hold surgical instruments and supplies. The table offers options for a fold-down…

Belmont Rapid Infuser RI-2

Belmont Rapid Infuser RI-2

Belmont Rapid Infuser RI-2 Features The Belmont Rapid Infuser RI-2 rapidly delivers warmed blood and fluid to combat hypothermia and blood loss for organ transplants and other surgical procedures. Weighing…

Steris InnoWave ECO - Ultrasonic Cleaner - Soma Tech Intl

Steris InnoWave ECO

Steris InnoWave ECO Features The Steris InnoWave ECO ultrasonic cleaner is a powerful and efficient tool for cleaning small surgical instruments. With its advanced ultrasonic technology, this cleaner can quickly…

Philips Veradius

Philips Veradius Features The Philips Veradius c-arm produces high-quality images for guidance and positioning during diagnostic, interventional, and surgical procedures for adult and pediatric patients. The Veradius mobile c-arm can…

Medtronic RespArray

…your patients. It includes Nellcor pulse oximetry, Microstream capnography technologies, temperature, ECG, and also measures NiBP and is designed for continuous monitoring during procedural sedation and in medical-surgical units. Includes…