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Olympus CF-100S Features

The Olympus CF-100S has been designed for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment within the lower digestive tract (rectum and sigmoid). The CF TYPE 100S Sigmoidoscope is a precision instrument. Its design incorporates many features to ensure patient safety. In particular, the angulation system is constructed to provide a smooth response and maximal angulation of the distal end.

  • A relatively thin insertion tube, extensive angulation capability, and a wide-angle lens system facilitate insertion, orientation, and observation in the stomach.
  • 3.2 mm working channel for maximum versatility and performance.
  • Push-button remote switches on the control section give the physician or technician finger-tip control of documentation equipment.
  • Complete immersion allows total cleaning and disinfection provided that the electrical plug is attached with a water-resistant cap.

Olympus CF-100S Specifications

Optical System

  • Field of View: 140°
  • Direction of View: 0° (Forward Viewing)
  • Depth of Field: 5 – 100mm

Distal End

  • Outer Diameter: 15.4 mm

Bending Section

  • Range of Distal End Bending
    • Up: 180°
    • Down: 180°
    • Right: 160°
    • Left: 160°
  • Maximum Deflection: 230°

Insertion Tube

  • Outer Diameter: 13.3mm


  • Working Length: 620mm
  • Total Length: 920mm

Instrument Channel

  • Inner Diameter: 3.2mm

Biopsy Forceps

  • Minimum Visible Distance: 4mm from distal end

Remote Switch

  • Switch 1: Release / Freeze
  • Switch 2: Iris / Print
  • Switch 3: Fast Shut / VTR
  • Switch 4: Release / Freeze

Operating Environment

  • Ambient Temperature: 10-40? (50-104°F)
  • Relative Humidity: 30-85%
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 700-1,060 mbars



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