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Axia Scope Cabinet Features

The Axia Scope Cabinets can be ordered in several different models depending on the amount of scope hangers your facility needs. These scope cabinets are a fully welded and stainless steel construction with glass-hinged doors with louvered vents. There is a lower rack in the middle of the cabinet to keep the scopes in alignment. The standard features of the Axia scope cabinet are listed below.

  • Glass doors with louvered vents.
  • Scope hangers range from 9-22 hangers.
  • Fully welded stainless steel construction.
  • Lower middle alignment rack in cabinet.
  • Removable drain pain.
  • Padded back wall to prevent damage to the scopes.

Axia Scope Cabinet Specifications

Models and Dimensions

  • AX-SC9: (HxWxD) 92″ x 36″ x 18″ with 9 Scope hangers.
  • AX-SC22: (HxWxD) 92″ x 42″ x 24″ with 22 Scope hangers
  • AX-SC9PV: (HxWxD) 92″ x 36″ x 24″ with 9 Scope hangers and a power vent.
  • AX-SC22PV: (HxWxD) 92″ x 42″ x 24″ with 22 Scope hangers and a power vent.

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