Axia Pro-Series Processing Sink

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Axia Processing Sink Features

The Axia Processing Sink offers a variety of models to fit your facilities needs. It features a fully welded construction with a reinforced top so you know you’re getting a quality stainless steel surgical sink. It can be configured to multiple different layouts depending on individual requirements. This Axia Processing Sink can be purchased in single, double, and triple washing stations. The standard features of this scrub sink are listed below.

  • Open pipe base.
  • Single, dual, or triple washing stations.
  • Fully welded construction with reinforced tops.
  • Right to left workflow or left to right workflow.
  • 37″ standard height for stationary sinks.
  • 4″ backsplash.
  • Under shelf.
  • Adjustable feet.
  • Marine edge.
  • Flat working surface.
  • Etched gallon markings.
  • Basin size: 17″ L x 24″ W x 10″ D
  • Full CAD rendering of the specified sink.
  • Multiple layouts for individual requirements.
  • All sinks can be manufactured to individual specifications.

Axia Processing Sink Specifications

Optional Features

  • Electronically adjustable height with 4 position programming: 35″-42″
  • Cabinet base (stationary models only)
  • Peg backboard
  • Overhead LED hood
  • Wrap around apron
  • Mixing valve faucet
  • Pre-rise faucet
  • Deionized water faucet (DI)
  • Air gun kit (With 5 tips)
  • Water gun kit (with 8 tips)
  • Shut off the valve for air/water guns
  • Dosing soap pumps
  • Eyewash
  • Drainboards
  • Larger basin (17″ L x 30″ W x 10″ D)
  • Backsplash (6″, 8″ or 12″)
  • Side splash (4″, 6″, 8″, or 12″)
  • Tubing manifold
  • Hand lever drains
  • Foot-operated drains (stationary models only)
  • Copper drain system (not compatible with deionized water)

Standard Models and Dimensions

  • AX267237-PS – 72″W x 26″D x 37″H (182.88 cm W x 66.04 cm D x 93.98 cm H), Single bay
  • AX269637-PS – 96″W x 26″D x 37″H (243.84 cm W x 66.04 cm D x 93.98 cm H), Dual bay
  • AX2612037-PS – 120″W x 26″D x 37″H (304.8 cm W x 66.04 cm D x 93.98 cm H),Triple bay

Adjustable Height Models and Dimensions

  • AX267235-PSE – 72″W x 26″D x 35-42″H (182.88 cm W x 66.04 cm D x 88.9-106.68 cm H), Single bay, Electronic Adjustable Height
  • AX269635-PSE – 96″W x 26″D x 35-42″H (243.84 cm W x 66.04 cm D x 88.9-106.68 cm H), Dual bay, Electronic Adjustable Height
  • AX2612035-PSE – 120″W x 26″D x 35-42″H (243.84 cm W x 66.04 cm D x 88.9-106.68 cm H), Triple bay, Electronic Adjustable Height

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