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MAQUET Lucea 50/50Features

LUCEA 50/50 is the combination of two LUCEA 50 surgical lights. LUCEA 50 surgical lights have been developed in order to provide any operating room with LED technology. Their innovative design combined with a functional shape is available in mobile, wall, and ceiling-mounted versions as well as a battery-operated version.
Designed for minor surgery.

Flux Stability Program included in all light heads:

  • Unique control of LED light flux
  • Dynamic control of illumination providing constant lighting throughout the procedure

Illumination Control:

  • The capacitive control of the light intensity on the light head enables the user to adapt the light output to his needs without any risk of moving the light.
  • Control light units can be adjusted remotely from anywhere in an operating theatre


MAQUET Lucea 50/50 Specifications

Technical Specification

  • Optical and photometric characteristics: LUCEA 50 (ea)
  • Illumination at 1m / 39.4 inches (lux): 50,000
  • Field diameter 1m / 39.4 inches (cm/inch): 23 / 9
  • D50 / D10: 0.55
  • Depth of illumination at 20% (cm/inch): 180 / 70.9
  • Depth of illumination at 60% (cm/inch): 120 / 47.2
  • Color temperature (k): 4,300
  • Color rendering index (CRI): 95
  • Radiant energy (average) (mw/m2.lx): 3.9

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