Zeiss Extaro 300

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Zeiss Extaro 300 Features

The Zeiss Extaro 300 is a surgical microscope used in ENT surgeries. The Extaro 300 from Zeiss has a working range between 200 and 430 mm. This surgical microscope allows for single-handed operation with its preconfigured recording and visualization modes. It features a built-in LED light source and a 5-step magnification changer. This microscope can optionally be ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or even a floor stand.

  • The working focus distance is adjustable from 200 to 430 mm.
  • Integrated LED helps view natural colors even at high intensities.
  • Easy-to-use user interface that helps allow for single-hand operation.

Zeiss Extaro 300 Specifications

Dimensions (Floor stand)

  • Height: 68.3” (173.5 cm)
  • Width (Fully extended): 88” (223.5 cm)
  • Width (Base): 29.3” (74.5 cm)
  • Depth (Base): 24.2” (61.5 cm)


  • Magnification: 5-step magnification
  • Focus: Varioskop 230 with a working distance from 200-430 mm
  • Illumination: TriLED provides a natural colored light even at high intensities.
  • Single-Handed Operation: Allows for easy single-handed operation.

Tubes (Options)

  • Straight binocular Tube
  • 180° tiltable Tube
  • Foldable Tube f170 / f260

Eyepieces (Options)

  • 10x wide-field eyepieces
  • 12,5x wide-field eyepieces

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