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Zeiss OPMI LUMERA 300 Features

The Zeiss OPMI LUMERA 300 is a great surgical microscope for optics and illumination for cataract and retina surgery. The LUMERA features BightFLex LED illumination technology and apochromatic optics that provide exceptional view and outstanding resolution. BrightFlex is a variable electronic LED that delivers improved red reflux for more confidence in cataract surgery. This microscope delivers excellent clarity and detail all while reducing the amount of light exposure for your patient. Optionally, the LUMERA 300 can feature a fully independent assistant microscope that requires no light from the main microscope.

  • Hassle-free design.
  • BrightFlex illumination.
  • Reduced light exposure for your patients.
  • Apochromatic optics.
  • Focus Range: 48 mm
  • Objective Lens: f = 200 mm
  • Wide-Angle Eyepiece: 12.5x
  • Floorstand: S200

Zeiss OPMI LUMERA 300 Specifications


  • Focus Range: 48 mm
  • Objective Lens: f = 200 mm
  • Wide-Field Eyepiece: 12.5 x
  • Magnification: Manual 5 Step or Motorized
  • Binocular Tube: 45° inclined tube or 180° swivel tube with f = 170 mm
  • Apochromatic Optics: Yes


  • BrightFlex Illumination: Yes
  • LED Light Source: Yes
  • Filters: Color enhancement, HaMode, Blue-Blocking


  • Wired Foot Control Panel: Yes
  • X Y Coupling: Optional
  • Floorstand: S200

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