Stryker System 7

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Stryker System 7 Features

Dramatically increase uptime and efficiency with Stryker’s new System 7 power tools. To make those decisions confidently, you need tools you can depend on. System 7 from Stryker was designed to address the specific needs of your operating room — so you can achieve more, on behalf of your facility and your patients. System 7 tools are powered by Stryker SmartLife Li-Ion batteries, which last close to twice as long as previous models, so you’ll have to recharge less often. The batteries are lighter, too, reducing overall instrument weight by 29%. They feature Stryker Operating Room Integration, which notifies Stryker technicians of technical problems immediately and allows them to fix problems remotely. The rotary handpiece is lightweight and powerful, with a significant increase in torque. The sagittal saw is especially quiet.

  • Sagittal saw is significantly quieter than previous generations
  • Stryker SmartLiFE™ Li-Ion Batteries mean a longer, more reliable battery life
  • Rotary handpiece offers substantially increased torque, providing optimum performance
  • Integrated SORN Remote Device Management provides a safe and secure connection from your Stryker System 7 devices to our
    Stryker support teams
  • System 7 design enhancements that make it lighter, safer and easier to use



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