Stryker Berchtold Operon B810

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Stryker Berchtold Operon B810 Features

Designed for use in surgical suites where control and patient positioning are critical, the Stryker Berchtold Operon B810 is a feature-rich, remote control table that enhances patient positioning and provides complete support throughout its entire range of motion. The 305 mm (12”) longitudinal slide, carbon fiber tabletop, and integrated x-ray cassette channel all contribute to the superior imaging characteristics of the B 810. The B 810 will lift and articulate a patient weight capacity of 275 kg (600 lbs) both in normal and reverse orientation, setting the industry standard for simplicity and ease of use without sacrificing features.

Stryker Berchtold Operon B810 Specifications


  • Length 76 inches (1930 mm)
  • Width 21 inches (533 mm); excluding the side rails.
  • Weight Approximately 715 lbs. (325 kg)
  • Height 28 to 48 inches (711 mm to 1219 mm)
  • Head Section 9” X 21”
  • Back Section 20.0” X 21”
  • Seat Section 20.5” X 21”
  • Kidney Elevator 3” X 21”
  • Leg Section 18.5” X 21”

Environmental and Storage Requirements

  • Ambient temperature range of 50 to 100° F (10 to 38° C), relative humidity range of 10% to 95%, at altitudes from sea level to 8000 ft.
  • Transport and Storage Ambient temperature range of –30 to +150° F (-34 to 66° C)
  • relative humidity range of 0% to 95% at altitudes from sea level to 50,000 ft.

Range of Motion

  • Trendelenburg Up to 30°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg Up to 30°
  • Lateral Tilt Up to 20° right or left
  • Back Section From 45° below horizontal to 80° above horizontal
  • Kidney Elevator Extendable up to 3 inches (76 mm)
  • Leg Section From 2° above horizontal to 105° below horizontal
  • Headrest Adjustable from 90° below horizontal to 90° above
  • horizontal in 15° increments
  • Longitudinal Slide 12 inches (305mm) total
  • Flex 225°
  • Chair Leg Section 105°, Back Section 80° relative to the Seat
  • Section, which may be up to 30° in the Trendelenburg position.

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