Stille imagiQ2

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Stille imagiQ2 Features

The Stille imagiQ2 surgical imaging table features True Free Float technology that gives unprecedented control and freedom of movement in any desired direction while providing state-of-the-art smoothness. The imagiQ2 is equipped with a high-performance carbon fiber table that reduces radiation dose without compromising the image quality. It has an ultra-slim design and super-low base making it the ideal C-arm complement for the mobile Hybrid OR or office suite.

  • 496 lbs patient weight capacity (225 kg).
  • Iso-roll cradling motion of ±15°.
  • Transparency of 0.4 mm AI equivalency.
  • ±25° Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg.
  • Total translucent length: 6’4” (196 cm).

Stille imagiQ2 Specifications


  • Height: 28 to 43 in (71 to 109 cm)
  • Width: 24 in (61 cm)
  • Length: 90.5 in (230 cm)

Imaging Area

  • Proprietary Carbon Fiber Structure with 0.4 mm AI
  • Width: 18.2 in (46.3 cm)
  • Length: 77.17 in with headrest / 66.6 in without headrest (196 cm / 169.2 cm)


  • Longitudinal: 35.4 in (90 cm)
  • Lateral: 9.9 in (25 cm)
  • Diagonal: 36.8 in (93.4 cm)
  • Trendelenburg: ±25°
  • Lateral Roll: ±15°

Weight Capacity

  • Standard: 496 lbs (225 kg)
  • Load Upgrade Pack: 661 lbs (300 kg)


  • Operation Conditions: 100% continuous
  • AC Power: 100-250 Volts: Direct AC power + battery DC power
  • Wheels and Steering: 4 swiveling wheels
  • Side Rails: Yes; Fixed along 2/3 of the tabletop
  • Detachable Table Top: Yes, future-proof platform for extended use and easy transportation

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