Olympus CV-140 Video Processor

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Olympus CV-140 Video Processor Features

The Olympus CV-140 Video Processor delivers clear and accurate live visualization needed by surgeons during endoscopic surgical procedures. It can electrically magnify an image when there is not enough lighting and amplify the outlines of endoscopic images, resulting in clear and sharp quality. It can connect to three monitors at the same time, giving it flexibility inside the Operating Room.

The Olympus CV-140 Video Processor is compatible with standard and big-chip endoscopes. The CV-140 allows the user to enhance, freeze, and adjust color settings to provide clear and accurate images from inside the body.

  • Automatic gain control (AGC) The image
    can be electrically amplified when the light is inadequate due to the distal end of the video scope being too far from the subject.
  • Iris mode selection The area over which light is measured can be changed according to the body part that is being observed. The following selections can be performed using the “IRIS” switch on the front panel. AVE: during normal observation; Peak: When focusing on and/or observing a small bright area.
  • Freeze screen display A stationary image can be displayed using the endoscope switch, keyboard, or OVC switch.
  • Video signal output VBS composite, Y/C, RGB; simultaneous output is possible.

Olympus CV-140 Video Processor Specifications


  • Size: 450 (W) x 72 (H) x 465 (D) mm
  • Weight: 10 kg

Memorization of the selected setting

  • The following settings on the front panel are retained even when the power is turned OFF: Color, Enhancement, White balance

Remote control

  • The following ancillary equipment can be controlled by the endoscope remote switch, the front panel, and the keyboard (only the specified device types are valid): Monitor, Photography equipment, VTR, Video printer equipment, SVR (still video recorder)

Patient data

  • The following data and modes can be displayed on the video monitor using the keyboard:
  • 1. ID number
  • 2. Patient name
  • 3. Sex, age
  • 4. Date of birth
  • 5. Date/time (built-in clock, stopwatch)
  • 7. Number of Exposed Frames

Pre-procedural patient data

  • For a maximum of 40 patients:
  • 1. ID number
  • 2. Patient name
  • 3. Sex, age
  • 4. Date of birth

Image Source switch

  • By use of the “SELECT” switch on the front panel, it is possible to select for viewing on the monitor, and image from the endoscope or video printer


  • The real-time image is visible on an inset screen during the use of the freeze mode.

Screen Central Mode

  • When an Evis-100 or 130 endoscope or an OVC-100 is used, the endoscopic image can be displayed in the center of the monitor screen using the “SHIFT SCREEN” key on the keyboard.



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