Pentax EPK-1000 Video Processor

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Pentax EPK-1000 Video Processor Features

The Pentax EPK 1000 is a compact, Lightweight Digital Video Processor with an integrated Xenon Light Source. Featuring PENTAX DSP technology, the EPK-1000 Digital Video Processor used in conjunction with PENTAX Video Colour CCD Endoscopes delivers images of outstanding quality for enhanced endoscopic diagnosis and therapy.

  • All Digital System: a combination of PENTAX DSP technology (Digital Signal Processing) and high-resolution Colour CCD chips delivering Vision endoscopic images with enhanced brightness and resolution.
  • Automatic DSP Colour Adjustment and Contour enhancement for optimised visual examinations.
  • High-performance Short Arc Xenon Light Source and Digital Brightness Control for superior illumination.
  • Intuitive data management for fast storage and management of patient and user data.
  • USB port for easy and convenient transfer of still images to a PC.
  • Safe, future-proof investment due to full compatibility with all K Series PENTAX endoscopes.
  • Full range of output connectors supporting a variety of peripheral equipment.

Pentax EPK-1000 Video Processor Specifications


  • Size: W x H x D 380 x 155 x 420 mm
  • Weight:14 kg

Environmental / Physical Requirements

  • System: average/peak
  • Light Source: 100W Short Arc Xenon
  • Colour Temperature: =6500K
  • Brightness Control: Automatic/Manual (5 steps)
  • Color Correction: Red/blue ± 5 increments
  • Contour Enhancement: 4 increments
  • Data Management: 30 patients/50 users
  • Outputs: 2x RGBS (9–D–Sub); 2x Y/C; 1x Composite (BNC); 1x Digital Serial (USB)

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