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Conmed System 5000 ESU - Soma Tech Intl

Conmed System 5000 Electrosurgical Unit

…potential harmful effects of capacitive coupling and insulation breakdown. Pulse Cut, is useful when the precise cutting effect is needed around delicate structures. Pulse Coag, provides superficial homeostasis via pulsing…

Valleylab Force 1B - Soma Technology, Inc.

Valleylab Force 1B

Valleylab Force 1B Features The Valleylab Force 1B is a high-power ESU that possesses high-performance capabilities in a multipurpose generator. It provides full flexibility through varying degrees of homeostasis. Monopolar…

Refurbished Valleylab Force 2 ESU - Soma Technology, Inc.

Covidien Valleylab Force 2

…generator Provides flexibility through varying degrees of homeostasis Operator can choose one of three preset modes: simultaneous independent coagulation, low voltage coagulation, and Valleylab REM safety, which substantially reduces the…