Drager D Vapor Desflurane

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Drager D Vapor Desflurane Features

The Drager D Vapor Desflurane is a heated, calibrated anesthesia vaporizer for the enrichment of dry, fresh medical gas with the vapor of the anesthetic agent Desflurane (Suprane) in concentrations of 2 to 18 vol.% in anesthesia delivery systems. The D Vapor is inserted in the fresh-gas line of an anesthesia delivery system. The vaporizer is connected between the fresh-gas flow-control unit and the fresh-gas outlet.

  • Weight: <7 kg / <15.5 lbs
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 25cm x 11cm x 23.5cm
  • Liquid Capacity (Dry Wick): ~300 mL
  • Flow Range: 0.2 to 15 L/min
  • Concentration Range: 2 to 18 vol.%
  • Max. Tilt angle: 10°
  • Heating Time: Approx. 5 minutes


Refurbished Drager D Vapor Desflurane.

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