Accuscope Nikon SMZ-1

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Accuscope Nikon SMZ-1 Features

The Nikon SMZ-1 Stereo colposcope microscope offers a zoom magnification range of 7x-30x with the included 10x/22mm eyepieces. Designed to work as a standard colposcope it also has a built-in camera for video colposcopy. The camera and video wiring is present but there is no processor or monitor so I am unable to test the video feature.

It is ready to use and comes with the Nikon SMZ-1 Stereo Zoom colposcope head, two 20x/12 eyepieces, 150W Fiberoptic light, green filter, instrument tray and wheeled stand.

Accuscope Nikon SMZ-1 Specifications


  • Height: 55 in
  • Diameter: 24 in
  • Weight: 75lbs

Technical Specs

  • Eyepiece: Nikon Wide Field 10x
  • Objectives: 0.7x – 3x
  • Total Magnification: 7x – 30x
  • Magnification Type: Variable Zoom
  • Stand: five feet on casters
  • Illumination: Existing Light

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