ACMI AUR-9 Flexible Ureteropyeloscope

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ACMI AUR-9 Features

  • Flexible Ureteropyeloscope.
  • 160° active deflection, tight bend radius and superior secondary deflection, 9.8 Fr. (3.3 mm)
  • AutoSeal™ protection.
  • Anti-stretch cable mechanism.
  • Access the entire internal collecting system with Anatomy Directed Deflection.
  • Accommodates 3 Fr operating instruments, EHL probes, or laser lithotriper fiber, and irrigates at the same time.
  • Eliminates vent valves and venting caps for disinfection/sterilization; protects your AUR™ 9 from costly repairs.
  • Releases stresses on the deflection cable, maintaining optimum deflection angle over time.


ACMI AUR-9 Specifications


  • Working Length: 65 cm.
  • Distal Tip: 7.8 Fr. (2.6 mm)
  • Distal Shaft: 9.8 Fr. (3.3 mm)
  • Tip Deflection: 160°.
  • Working Channel: 3.6 Fr. (1.2 mm)
  • Field of View: 80° ± 5.
  • Direction of Field: 2-40 mm.

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