Xltek EEG

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Xltek EEG Features

The Xltek EEG provides the leading-edge features you want in critical care applications with the
intuitive, user-friendly interface you need for productive day-to-day workflow. This unique combination
of sophistication and simplicity continues Xltek’s reputation as the innovator you want working
alongside you.

  • Family of amplifiers for EEG, PSG, LTM, and ICU
  • All amplifiers using standard Ethernet and USB connectivity protocols
  • Role-based XLSecurity package for HIPAA compliance
  • Fully customizable SQL Server database
  • Fully synchronized High-Definition video
  • IP cameras that don’t require any cabling and can be controlled from anywhere remotely
  • LED-based photic stimulator reduces acoustic and electrical interference
  • HL7 integration with HIS
  • MS SQL back-end for site-wide access and Citrix Ready verified for off-site monitoring and review
  • Service and support with an in-house team staffed with technical experts


Xltek EEG Specifications


  • True TCP/IP amplifiers and cameras with
    DHCP support plug anywhere on the network. Very small,
    lightweight patient-wearable amplifiers.


  • XLSecurity role-based HIPAA compliance package
    with Active Directory integration and encryption./li>


  • Fully synchronized high-resolution MPEG-4
    video and excellent amplifier signal characteristics.


  • Microsoft® SQL Server with a distributed database. LED Photic Stimulator eliminates acoustic and electrical interference.

Operating Room

  • Automatic data acquisition restarts when used with Bovie in the OR.


  • HL7 communication with HIS and Natus DataShare software for easy collaboration.

Data Security

  • Set up individual user or group access and permissions for the system and within the application. Assign separate lock-down rules for different computers on the same network. Access Audit Logs to review user activity on the system. Security that is integrated with Microsoft Active Directory and peace of mind with available system encryption.



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