GE MAC 800 Resting ECG System

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GE MAC 800 Resting ECG System Features

The GE MAC 800 is an ECG system that can provide resting electrocardiography readings. The MAC 800 retrieves the patient’s ECG readings through an Analysis program to get an accurate reading. The ECG offers two different operating modes, resting ECG and Arrhythmia modes. The GE ECG system is an easy-to-use system that offers the ability to print 3 and 6-lead readings along with saving up to 100 ECG records internally on the system’s memory. Recordings can also be transferred to a data management system at the facility through GE’s Muse System or via an SD card. Upgrades to the MAC 800 Software are optional; this allows the system to read 12-lead measurements. The GE Mac 800 comes with a 7-inch high-resolution display for an easy-to-read display of the ECG waveforms, allowing you to preview the waveforms before printing them.

  • Enhance diagnostic confidence with highly accurate, clinically proven Marquette ECG Analysis Programs
  • Streamline your ECG workflow by providing immediate remote review or over-read of patient ECG data
  • EMR communication through its connectivity to MUSE* and CS Information Management Systems allows you to store, edit, and archive ECG records
  • Increase portability with its lightweight design and integrated carrying handle. Take the MAC 800 wherever it’s needed effortlessly; it weighs 6.6 lb. (3.0 kg) with the battery
  • Keep your system running at peak performance with tested replaceable accessories, Multi-Link* lead wires, and disposable electrodes

GE MAC 800 Resting ECG System Specifications


  • Height: 120mm
  • Width: 330 mm
  • Depth: 280 mm
  • Weight: 3.0 kg including battery, without paper


  • Power supply: Internal AC/DC or battery operation
  • Input voltage: 100 to 240 VAC ±10 %
  • Input power: Power input of device = 80VA
  • Input frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz, +/-3 Hz
  • Battery type: Replaceable and rechargeable, 7.2V@ 4.5 AH ±10%, rechargeable Lithium-Ion
  • Battery capacity: 1000 single-page reports or 2 hours continuous display (without printing) at a minimum= 80VA
  • Battery charge time: = 4.5 hours

Environmental Specification

  • Operating temperature: +5ºC to +40ºC
  • Transport/storage temperature: -30ºC to +60ºC
  • Operating humidity: 25% to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Transport/storage humidity: 10% to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Operating pressure: 700 to 1060 hPA
  • Transport/storage pressure: 500 to 1060 hPA

Report Format

  • Thermal printer (Z-fold)

Storage/export (optional)

  • ECG storage format: GE storage format for MUSE and CardioSoft, XML storage format, PDF storage format
  • Secure Digital Card (2GB, FAT16/32): ECG export to SD card
  • Configurable PDF file name: User-configurable file name, which includes Patient_ID, Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY), Procedure, Date of Test (DDMMYYYY), Export Date (DDMMYYYY)

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