Steris Medivators CER-1 Optima

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Steris Medivators CER-1 Optima Features

Compact Endoscope Reprocessor designed to quickly reprocess one or two immersible endoscopes per cycle. The CER features simple, push-button operation, a large reprocessing basin for disinfecting any size endoscope (including EUS endoscopes), and a small footprint for countertop or mobile cart use. Reprocessor capabilities include a user-selectable wash cycle for endoscope cleaning, an alcohol purge port, and automated air drying of endoscope channels. A full gasket lid contains disinfectant vapors, and the CER’s unique design self-disinfects internal fluid lines during every cycle. A two-stage water filtration system reduces particulate matter and provides certified bacteria-free water for endoscope rinsing. The CER includes a heated disinfectant reservoir, water pre-filtration system, alcohol flushing tubing, accessory bag, and one set of water filters.

  • Compact, cost-effective endoscope reprocessing featuring simple, push-button operation
  • Fast cycle time for quick endoscope turnaround
  • Individual endoscope channel connections ensure disinfectant and rinse water contact with all channels
  • Pre-programmed cycles for reprocessing cycle repeatability and consistency
  • CER-1 model disinfects one endoscope per cycle
  • CER-2 model disinfects up to two endoscopes per cycle
  • The gasket lid and sealed reservoir contain disinfectant vapors
  • Alcohol flush and air drying of endoscopes
  • Audible and visual alarms for reprocessing cycle deficiency
  • Assures patient and operator safety self-disinfects internal fluid lines during every cycle
  • Bacteria retentive two-stage water filtration system
  • Compatible with all current models of endoscopes, including those with elevator wire channels
  • For use with most FDA-cleared reusable high-level disinfectants
  • A vapor management system, disinfectant transfer pump, neutralization system, and mobile cart optional


Steris Medivators CER-1 Optima Specifications


  • Chassis Dimensions (height x width x depth): 46”x36”x21” (117x91x53cm)
  • Height with lid open: 64 inches (162.5 cm)
  • Weight: 400lbs (181kg)

Operating Conditions

  • Altitude: <15,000 feet (4,572m)
  • Humidity: 20% to 80%, non-condensing
  • Temperature: 80°F ± 20° (27°C ± 10°)

Electrical Requirements

  • 230 VAC 50/60 Hz, 6A 1f
  • 120 VAC 60 Hz, 12A 1f

Water Requirements

  • Potable water from the building (cold water supply).
  • 35-40psi (2.4 – 2.75bar) at regulator.
  • Water temperature maximum: 110°F (43°C)


  • Disinfectant reservoir: 15 liters
  • Basin: 11 liters
  • Alcohol and detergent reservoir: 800ml each


  • Power Cord: Hospital-grade 8 feet (2.4m)
  • Mains Supply Voltage Fluctuations: Not to exceed ±10% of the nominal voltage Installation Over Voltage Category: II
  • Classification: I, Ordinary Protection
  • Rinse Water Consumption: Approx. 10 gallons (39 liters) per cycle
  • Designed for Use: Indoor
  • Environmental Rating: Standard
  • Pollution Degree: 2
  • Mode of Operation: Continuous
  • Degree of Mobility: Stationary
  • Waste Drain: The reprocessor drain is 25 inches (60cm) above the floor. Because the reprocessor uses a gravity system there must be at least a 3-inch (25mm) drop from the reprocessor over 36 inches (30cm) for proper draining
  • Disinfectant Compatibilities: Contact your local distributor for compatible reprocessing chemicals
  • Internal Heater: Ambient temperature to 125°F (52°C)

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