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Steris System 1E Features

Liquid chemical sterilization provides fast reprocessing ease for cleaned, reusable, immersible, and heat-sensitive critical and semi-critical devices. S40TM Sterilant Concentrate is a powerful liquid chemical sterilant that eliminates all microbial life. Its compact footprint makes the SYSTEM 1E processor convenient and ideal for a variety of locations. The use-dilu- tion is neutral pH, and rinses safely down the drain. The SYSTEM 1E processor performs two quick rinse cycles, reducing energy and water consumption.

Running a 23-minute cycle, the SYSTEM 1E processor minimizes device downtime between patients. Two pre-filters, UV irradiation, and a MaxPureTM filter work in harmony with S40 Sterilant Concentrate as a validated process for critical and semi-critical, heat-sensitive devices. This gentle use-dilution protects delicate surgical instruments, including multi-channel flexible surgical endoscopes. Providing a high standard of patient care, whether it’s in your OR or GI department, the SYSTEM 1E processor will help you process your devices with confidence.

  • From the Substerile to the Surgeon in Only 23 Minutes*
  • Increased productivity – Simple, 3-step process
  • Maximize utilization of devices. Minimize downtime & repair.
  • Environmentally friendlier solutions
  • From the trusted innovator and leader in liquid chemical sterilization

Steris System 1E Specifications


  • Width: 30 in (76 cm)
  • Depth: (on cart) 9 in ( 23 cm) (on Wall) 10 in ( 24 cm)
  • Height: ( Wall Mounted) 28 in (71 cm) ( under counter Cabinet) 17 in (43 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 178 lbs ( 81kg)
  • DryWeight: 140 lbs (64kg)
  • Operating Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)

Engineering Data

  • Water Consumption: 8.7 U.S. gal (33L) per cycle
  • Sterilant Consumption: 1 single-use cup per liquid chemical
    sterilization cycle.
  • Environmental Factors: 60-90°F (16-32°C) room
    temperature;10-90% relative humidity, non-condensing.
  • UV System: Width 30″ (76 cm), Depth 9″ (23 cm), Height 28″
    (71 cm), Weight 44 lb (20 kg).
  • Dry weight: 44 lb (20 kg); Operational weight: 49 lb (22 kg);
    Wall bracket weight: 9 lb (4 kg); On-Cart dry weight: 35 lb
    (16 kg); On-cart operational weight: 40 lb (18 kg)


  • Water Consumption
    • 8.7 U.S. gal (33L) per cycle; peak: 2.5 U.S. gal/min
    • (9.5 L/min) at 36.5 psig (252 kPa).
  • Water Specifications
    • Tap or other potable water, 3/4″ (1.9 cm) I.D. male hose
      connection. Pressure: 40-50 PSIG (276 – 345 kPa); 109 –
      140°F (43 – 60°C); Optimum temp: 115 – 118°F (46 – 48°C);
      < 140 ppm hardness as CaCO3; transmittance > 88% at
      254 nm
  • Drain
    • 1-1/4″ (3.18 cm) minimum, sink or other sanitary, nonbackpressuring

Electrical Requirments

  • Processor: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 15 amp
  • UV System: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 amp
  • Service: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 20 amp dedicated circuit
    terminated in a 20 amp hospital-grade GFCI duplex



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