Steris Medivators CER-2 Optima

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Steris Medivators CER-2 Optima Features

Compact Automated Endoscope Reprocessor designed to quickly reprocess one or two immersible endoscopes per cycle. The CER features simple, push-button operation, a large reprocessing basin for disinfecting any size endoscope (including EUS endoscopes), and a small footprint for countertop or mobile cart use. Reprocessor capabilities include a user-selectable wash cycle for endoscope channels. A fully gasket lid contains disinfectant vapors, and the CER Optima’s unique design self-disinfects internal fluid lines during every cycle. A two-stage water filtration system reduces particulate matter and provides certified bacteria-free water for endoscope rinsing. Pre-programmed cycles and automated alcohol flush and air drying of endoscopes provide the user with reprocessing consistency with cycle times as short as 30 minutes. The barcode scanner will collect the endoscope, operator, patient, and physician ID for enhanced documentation. Compatible with more reusable aldehyde disinfectants, including Rapicide, the CER Optima printout will confirm all the cycle steps and reprocessing results. The CER Optima includes a heater disinfectant reservoir, water pre-filtration system, alcohol flushing tubing, accessory bag, and one set of water filters.

  • Compact, cost-effective endoscope reprocessing featuring simple, push-button operation
  • Fast cycle time for quick endoscope turnaround
  • Individual endoscope channel connections ensure disinfectant and rinse water contact with all channels
  • Pre-programmed cycles for reprocessing cycle repeatability and consistency
  • The CER-2 model disinfects up to two endoscopes per cycle
  • The gasket lid and sealed reservoir contain disinfectant vapors
  • Alcohol flush and air drying of endoscopes
  • Audible and visual alarms for reprocessing cycle deficiency
  • Assures patient and operator safety
  • Self-disinfects internal fluid lines during every cycle
  • Bacteria retentive two-stage water filtration system
  • Compatible with all current models of endoscopes, including those with elevator wire channels
  • For use with most FDA-cleared reusable high-level disinfectant management systems, disinfectant transfer pumps, neutralization systems, and mobile carts optional

Steris Medivators CER-2 Optima Specifications


  • Size: 15 H x 21.5 W x 20 D (inches), 38 H x 55 W x 51 D (cm), 31” High with lid open (79 cm)
  • Weight: 70 lb (32 kg)

Electrical Requirements

  • Electrical 110 VAC 60 Hz, 2.5 amp, 1?, 220 VAC 50 Hz, 2 amp, 1?
  • Fuses 110 VAC – One 4.0 amp slo-blo fuse, 220 VAC – Two 2.0-amp slo-blo fuses (located in the power module)
  • Power Cord Hospital grade – 10 feet (2.4m) Removable

Disinfectant Reservoir Capacity

  • 5 gallons (18.5 liters)

Storage and Transportation

  • Maximum Humidity 80%, non-condensing
  • Temperature 41°F – 158° F (5°C – 70°C)
  • Altitudes up to 2000 meters

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