Gaymar Medi-Therm II

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Gaymar Medi-Therm II Features

The Gaymar Medi-Therm II machine provides a means of regulating patient temperature by supplying temperature-controlled water through a connector hose to a Gaymar Hyper/Hypothermia blanket. The blanket provides an interface for heating or cooling the patient. A patient probe senses the patient’s temperature, which is displayed on the control panel. The Medi-Therm II machine controls output water temperature by mixing hot and cold water using hot and cold solenoid valves under microcontroller control. A circulating pump, heater, and refrigeration unit are also utilized. Looking for other hyper/hypothermia systems? Or are you looking to compare an updated model like the Gaymar Medi-Therm III?

  • Water inlets and outlets for two patient blankets
  • Manual (blanket temperature) auto (patient temperature) and monitor set-up and operation modes
  • Patient probe connector on the front of machine
  • Digital display windows for the blanket, patient, and set point temperatures degrees C/degrees F toggle
  • Alert lights for check water flow, check patient probe, add water flow, and remove from service – printed instructions above water fill lid
  • 15 foot power cord

Gaymar Medi-Therm II Specifications


  • Size: 94cm H x 35cm W x 48cm D
  • Weight: 54.9 kg empty; 64.0 kg full

Physical Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum Shell, 16 Gauge Steel Chassis
  • Flow Rate: 1 liter per min. with H/H Blanket
  • Power: 220V, 240V, 50Hz, 6A
  • Temperature Settings: – Manual: 4 to 42°C – Automatic: 30 to 39°C
  • Electrical Cord: 4.6m detachable power cord

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