Drager Isolette 8000

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Dräger Isolette 8000 Features

Dräger sets the standard for thermoregulation with a host of performance features designed to provide a
stable, cocoon-like environment for the baby. To ensure that the Thermo-Neutral Zone is maintained, the
Isolette 8000 enables you to continuously monitor both the core and peripheral body temperature.

The Isolette 8000 is designed to reduce stress at every turn, bend and twist.

The longer the shift runs, the more the caregiver will come to appreciate the many ergonomic touches
incorporated into the Isolette 8000. Easy access to the neonate, convenient height adjustment of the
incubator, and easy-to-reach controls make it a great incubator for any NICU. With its compact design, the
Isolette 8000 is easy to maneuver. Lightweight, small footprint, smooth trolley assembly, and ergonomic
foot-actuated brakes allow virtually effortless movement, even in congested NICU settings.

  • Our ability to reliably sustain a stable thermoneutral microenvironment has made Dräger a trusted resource in thermoregulation.
  • The Isolette name is associated with a proven design that has been known by caregivers across the globe for decades.
  • The advanced thermoregulation system, controlled by Dräger’s elaborate PID algorithm, keeps the baby in a stable environment.
  • Very low velocity is used to create a calm zone that surrounds the neonate to inhibit convective heat loss, while dual air curtains and preemptive regulation mechanisms maintain a virtually stable environment during access to the infant.

Dräger Isolette 8000 Specifications


  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 132.6 cm to 152.7 cm (52.2 in to 60.1 in) x 104 cm (41 in) x 75 cm (29.5 in)
  • Weight ( without options/ accessories): 93 kg (205 lb) ±3 %
  • Access panel opening height: 28.0 cm (11 in)
  • Mattress tray size: 40.6 × 81 cm (16 × 32 in)
  • Mattress to hoot height:t 41.2 cm (16.25 in)
  • Soft bed mattress size: 40 cm × 76 cm × 2.3 cm (15.7 in × 29.9 in × 0.9 in)

Standard Hood Includes

  • Front and rear access panel
  • 6 access ports
  • 3 left and 3 right tubing grommets – front
  • 2 left and 2 right tubing grommets – rear

Variable Height Specifications

  • Casters: 4 dual-wheeled casters, 12.7 cm (5 in) all with friction brake
  • Storage volume: Approx. 80 l
  • Door closing mechanism: Soft-stop hinges
  • Opening angle of the doors: >90°
  • Variable height stand accessories:
    • Gas tank mount
    • Shelf
    • IV pole

Controller System

  • Algorithm type of the Servo Control System: PID (Proportional Differential Integral) control algorithm
  • Controller with LCD With brightness control
  • Selectable color combinations: White on blue background (default) or yellow on black background
  • RS-232 output: Yes
  • Keypad lock: Yes

Temperature Control Modes

  • Temperature control modes: Skin and air temperature control mode
  • Air mode control temperature range: 20.0 °C (68.0 °F) to 37.0 °C (98.6 °F)
  • Air mode control override temperature range: 37.0 °C (98.6 °F) to 39.0 °C (102.2 °F)
  • Skin mode control temperature range: 34.0 °C (93.2 °F) to 37.0 °C (98.6 °F)
  • Skin mode control override temperature range: 37.0 °C (98.6 °F) to 38.0 °C (100.4 °F)
  • Dual-skin temperature monitoring: Yes

Trend Parameters

  • 24-hour trend:
    • Air temperature
    • Skin temperature (1 and 2)
    • Relative humidity
    • Oxygen concentration
    • Heater power
  • 7-day trend: Weight gain and loss

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