Baxter InfusOR Infusion Pump

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Baxter InfusOR Features

The Baxter InfusOR is an infusion syringe pump that is used to administer a variety of intravenous agents to a patient. With the help of a Smart Label drug system, the InfusOR syringe pump can provide accurate dosages for narcotics, muscle relaxants, and a variety of other drugs. The Smart Label System offers specific drug labeling that attaches to the syringe pump. This system helps minimize the potential of medication errors in the dosages. By simply changing the specific code that is on the smart label it can change the rate and dosage depending on the individual drug.

The Baxter InfusOR is a small, lightweight syringe pump that runs off of standard D batteries. The Baxtor infusOR was designed to work with either a 20cc syringe to a 60 cc syringe and can work with both B-D and MonoJect syringes. these syringes are then connected to the patient’s intravenous line.

  • Supports a Smart Label System
  • Easily change and modify the dosages of medication without reprogramming
  • Can deliver a variety of drugs during anesthesia; narcotics, muscle relaxants and vasoactive, and other drugs
  • Minimal risk of calculation and medication errors
  • Adjustments can be made during the time of infusion
  • Easy to use and setup

Baxter InfusOR Specifications


  • Height: 9.2 In (23.8 cm)
  • Width: 4.5 In (11.3 cm)
  • Depth: 2 In (5 cm)
  • Weight: 2 lbs (1 kg)


  • Monoject or B-D 60 cc
  • Monoject or B-D 20 cc


  • Operating Voltage: 5-7 Volts
  • Operating Current: 20mA
  • Low Battery Voltage: 5.0 Volts


  • Type: Alkaline (NEDA 14A)
  • Quantity: 4 (C Size)
  • Battery Life (New): 150 Hours
  • Battery Life (At Low Battery): 4 Hours


  • Infusion: Linear Rate ±3%
  • Bolus: Linear Displacement ±3%


  • Flow Rates: 0 to 600 mL/hr, depending on the Smart Label
  • Flow Profile
    • Bolus: Continuous
    • Infusion: Pulsed Intermittently

Force and Pressure

  • Occlusion Force: 8 ± 1 lbs. (pressure)
  • Max Occlusion Pressure
    • 11 psi with 60 cc syringe
    • 20 psi with 60 cc syringe

Occlusion Detection Time

  • 120 seconds at 36 mL/hr

Volume Stored on Occlusion

  • 1.1 mL Approximate

Refurbished Baxter InfusOR Infusion Pump

Soma Tech Intl offers the Baxter InfusOR infusion pump up to 50% below OEM prices with the same service and warranty as new. Baxter InfusOR is not only technically refurbished but also cosmetically refurbished to make it work and look like new. When the refurbishing process starts the infusion pump is carefully inspected and tested by our own in-house biomedical engineers who are highly skilled and certified to work on infusion pumps. If necessary, parts are replaced to make sure that all aspects of the Baxter Infusion pump are functioning properly. Once everything is in working order, the unit is calibrated back to the original engineering manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures that the unit is working the same way that it originally left the manufacturer. After the InfusOR Pump is working like new it undergoes a special cosmetic restoration process. The Baxter InfusOR is cleaned, minor scratches and dents are repaired, it’s painted, and new decals are replaced if necessary. After this strenuous refurbishing process, the Unit functions and looks like new. Soma Tech Intl is ISO 13485 certified and ensures that the best quality is given to all capital medical equipment that they sell. Before the Baxter infusion pump is labeled patient-ready and packed up for shipment, it goes through one last quality control test that makes sure all aspects are again working as they should. If you are looking to buy a refurbished Baxter InfusOR infusion pump contact soma at [email protected] or call us at 1-800-GET-SOMA.

Soma Tech Intl is also actively looking to purchase a Baxter InfusOR Infusion Pump If you or your facility is looking to sell your Baxter InfusOR infusion pump, be sure to contact Soma Tech Intl. Soma has a dedicated and experienced purchasing department that helps you through the entire process. Selling your used or pre-owned InfusOR to Soma Tech Intl takes out the middle man in the equation. This also ensures that your medical facility gets top dollar for your equipment. Soma is 100% HIPPA compliant and makes sure that your equipment gets to our facility in the same condition that it left yours. Soma Tech Intl also gives the option for trade-in credit on your medical equipment. If you have medical equipment you would like to sell to Soma, send us a message here!


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