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Drager Caleo Infant Incubator Features

Soma Tech Intl offers the Drager Caleo incubators as a rental option. The Drager Caleo was designed to align with developmental care guidelines, Caleo takes into account the critical importance of sound and light levels in the incubator, as well as positioning to envelop the baby in a safe and stable nurturing zone. Caleo also offers kangaroo mode that allows you to monitor the baby’s temperature during skin-to-skin care. Family-centered care can provide significant benefits for the infant, including improved well-being, better mental health outcomes, decreased length of stay, and enhanced parent-infant bonding. True thermoregulation means that the temperature and
humidity remain stable in the baby compartment – even when the doors are open for procedures. Because Caleo provides a secure thermo-neutral zone, it enables preterm infants to devote their energy to growth and development – rather than to reacting to an unstable environment.

Options for Nursing and Therapy

  • Convective heat therapy through control of incubator air temperature or infant skin temperature
  • Humidification of the incubator air
  • O2 therapy through controlled elevation of the O2 concentration in the patient’s environment
  • Nursery and intensive care via hand ports or two large access doors
  • Pivoting bed for raising and lowering the infant’s head (Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg position)

With Monitoring For…

  • Air temperature
  • Skin temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • O2 concentration
  • Weight


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