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BD Carefusion Alaris PCU Rental – Alaris 8015 Features

Soma Tech Intl offers the BD Carefusion Alaris PCU 8015 Infusion Pump as a rental option. The CareFusion Alaris 8015 PC Unit is the core of the Alaris System. It provides a common user interface for programming infusions and monitoring, which helps to reduce complexity at the point of care. The display on the Alaris PC Unit
uses color to clearly communicate critical programming, infusion, monitoring, and hospital-defined policy information. The Alaris PC utilizes a wireless network card that provides wireless communication capability between the Alaris System and the Alaris Systems Manager. With the combined use of the Alaris PCU System and Alaris, the Systems Manager is integrated into a facility’s existing network infrastructure.

Supports Guardrails Suite MX with Guardrails Point-Of-Care software and v9 Operating System software. Alaris PC 8015 POC is the Central module of the Alaris medley system. This central ‘brain’ allows other modules to connect to it. It has a color screen, wireless capabilities, and is user-friendly.

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Powerful analytics
  • Exceptional versatility
  • Increased protection for IV safety


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