Hospira Abbott Plum XL Rental

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Hospira Plum XL Features

Soma Technology offers the Hospira Plum XL infusion pumps as a rental option. The Plum XL Micro/Macro is a dual-line volumetric infusion system designed to meet the growing demand for hospital-wide, as well as alternate site and home healthcare, standardization. With its primary line, secondary line, and piggyback fluid delivery capability, the Plum XL is suited for a wide range of medical/surgical and critical care applications. Full compatibility with LifeCare PlumSets administration sets and accessories and the LifeShield needleless protection systems make the Plum XL a convenient and cost-effective infusion system. Soma offers many different rental programs including rent-to-own to accommodate your specific needs.

  • Volume-infused accumulation displays for primary and secondary solutions
  • Flow rate selection from 1 to 999 mL/hr in 1 mL increments (XL)
  • Flow rate selection from 0 to 99.9 mL in 0.1 mL/hr increments and 100 to 999 mL/ hr in 1 mL increments (XLM)
  • Battery operation
  • Self-test
  • Simple setup (one-hand cassette loading)
  • Automatic memory retention of all previous therapy settings and fluid delivery data until cleared by the user


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