Covidien Kendall SCD 700 Smart Compression Rental

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Covidien Kendall SCD 700 Smart Compression Rental Features

Soma Tech Intl offers the Covidien Kendall SCD 700 Smart Compression system as a rental option. Smart compression systems are the next evolution of IPC. This sequential compression device is designed to move blood to help prevent stasis. The Kendall SCD 700 features patient sensing technology. It notifies you when a sleeve is removed, shows true therapy delivery time, and monitors your patients 24/7. The SCD 700 provides each patient with an automated, customized compression cycle around the leg. It offers Smart Compression cycles with vascular refill detection. This measures venous refill time and adjusts cycle times automatically. The sleeves used with the Kendall SCD 700 controller are circumferential. They provide independent compression on all sides of the leg to reduce the risk of DVT and save nurses time.

  • Automatically customizes compression cycles for each patient.
  • Moves more blood per hour than a competitive device with fixed, uniform compression.
  • Patient Sensing Technology that alerts nurses of removed sleeves.
  • Provides measurement tools to support true compliance to therapy and QIP initiatives.
  • Measures venous refill time using Vascular Refill Detection (VDR).

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