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May 19, 2020
Sequential Compression Devices - Soma Tech Intl - Sequential Compression Device

Sequential Compression Devices – Top Compression Devices – SCD

Sequential compression devices are medical equipment devices that help to improve circulatory function in people who have poor circulatory flow. These devices can be used in hospitals and are approved for at-home use. Continue reading to learn more about the Sequential Compression Device (SCD).

What is a Sequential Compression Device?

The SCD medical abbreviation stands for sequential compression device. The main goal of sequential compression devices is to recirculate the blood in a person’s body. Sometimes, people have circulatory issues from some diseases, or because they have limited mobility. If people are bedridden, the blood is unable to flow to each vein in the extremities. By limiting blood flow, the nutrients, oxygen, and water in the blood cannot be distributed to the necessary organs. When the blood cannot be distributed, the patient’s safety is at risk. Limited blood flow may cause a pulmonary embolism. A pulmonary embolism is a blood clot that can get lodged in the lungs, or into the heart. Deep vein thrombosis is when a blood clot is formed in a vein. A sequential compression device works by applying pressure to recirculate blood and allow blood to flow to all vital organs and extremities. The device is put on the extremity that has severe swelling. Air is pumped into the chamber and put on the swollen body part. After the pressure is applied, the blood can flow freely through the extremity. SCDs work to not only reflow blood but also to prevent deep vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embolism.

Do Sequential Compression Devices Work?

Intermittent pneumatic compression is an established method used to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE). Inflatable sleeves, jackets, or boots enclose the limb that requires treatment. Pressure lines are connected between the controller pump and the sleeves and when turned on, the sleeve, jacket, or boot inflates with air. Typically the sleeve, jacket, or boot has multiple chambers that work together to inflate in a series to squeeze the limb in a “milking action”. The most distal chambers will inflate first, and then subsequent packets will follow the same manner to help squeeze the blood from underlying deep veins. When the sleeves deflate the veins will replenish with blood again. The intermittent compression of the sleeves, jackets, or boots ensures the movement of venous blood.

These devices have been shown to increase the amount of tissue plasminogen activator -tPA. tissue plasminogen activator is a protein that is involved in the breakdown of blood clots. This protein is found in the cells that line the blood vessels. Synthetic tPA is a medication that is used to break up clots in a heart attack patient.

How Long Can a Sequential Compression Device be Worn?

To be effective in preventing both DVT and VTE SCDs should be worn for 90% of 24 hours. The patient should wear SCDs for 21 hours a day. SCDs should be applied pre-operatively or intra-operatively, they can also be applied post-operatively.

Do Doctors Use a Sequential Compression Device During Surgery?

Sequential compression devices can be used pre-operatively, intraoperative, and postoperatively. There has been research showing that early initiation of SCDs helps prevent DVT/PE even more. It’s also recommended to use SCD therapy during prolonged laparoscopic surgeries to counteract altered venous blood return from the lower extremities.

SCDs for Home Use

SCDs can be used at home. with proper training, a caretaker, or a trusted family member can use this machine on a loved one. This allows patients to have treatment in the comfort of their homes. Perhaps they may be bedridden or are unable to move due to mobility issues or stairs. This device relieves their circulatory pain, without having to go to a medical office.

Top 3 SCDs

There are a few different products that we sell refurbished. Below are three SCDs, along with their features and specifications. Soma Tech Intl only refurbishes the top products currently in the medical equipment market. After reading this article, you can ask any of our sales representatives about any questions, or to compare them!

Covidien Kendall SCD 700 - SCD - Soma Tech Intl

Kendall SCD 700

The Kendall SCD 700 is great. This device features smart compression controls to deliver compression to legs, feet, or both, and to aid in the prevention of venous thromboembolism, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolisms. This machine is designed to be portable for either a hospital or at-home use. Features on this device include a measure for venous refill time using Vascular Refill Detection technology and can customize compression cycles automatically. 100% of blood is moved every hour, and this device facilitates the tracking of patient therapy by detecting that the garments are actively working. This machine is very quiet, so as not to disturb the patient. A smooth, groove-less surface and slim profile make this device compatible with home and hospital cleaning agents.  This machine is about 7 inches high, 8 inches wide, and has a depth of about 7.3 inches when not in use. This device weighs about 5 pounds and is portable for any place the patient can be in, either a chair, a bed, or somewhere else. The battery can run for between 6 and 8 hours and has a charge time of only 4 hours. The compression cycle for the legs is 11 seconds; the foot cuff cycle is 5 seconds. Are you interested in a Kendal SCD 700 rental? Soma Tech Intl also offers SCD rentals and SCD rentals!

Covidien Kendall 9525 SCD Express - Soma Technology, Inc.

Kendall SCD Express 9525

The Kendall SCD Express is a larger version of the SCD 700. The Kendall SCD Express system consists of a controller, non-disposable tubing, and single patient-use leg garments. The compression sleeve has three bladders to deliver circumferential, sequential, and gradient compression to ensure clearance of the deep veins without risking distal blood trapping. The SCD 9525 features delivery compression to the leg, foot, and both. This device can deliver 5-second 130mmHg foot compressions. This flexible and transportable design is ideal to be moved between patient rooms, or between rooms in a house for home use. An ergonomic handle and versatile bed mount can be used if you want to make this device immobile. The total weight is a little under 9 pounds, 6 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and has a depth of about 4.5 inches. The leg sleeve compression happens in 11 seconds, while the foot cuffs happen in about 5. The run time of the batter is 6 to 8 hours and has a charge time of 4 hours. Is your facility interested in a Kendall SCD Express rental?


Soma Technology, Inc - A-V Impulse Foot Compression System
A-V Impulse

The Kendall A-V Impulse Foot Compression System is also made by the brand Covidien. Covidien is a trusted brand, for which, we refurbish so many of their products. This device, as well as the other two, prevents DVT and pulmonary embolisms. The ImPad rigid sole foot covers on the A-V Impulse, are designed with a hard sole that contains and directs the impulse to the bottom of the foot. This action mimics the natural hemodynamic effect of ambulation and has been clinically proven to reduce this incidence of VTE as well as post-operative swelling and pain utilizing the A-V Impulse. This machine is very safe. An automatic pressure adjustment assures delivery of the pre-set operating parameters regardless of any changes in the patient’s position. There are low and high-pressure alarms to sound if there is too little or too much pressure applied to the garments. This machine weighs about 7.5 pounds and it is easy to transport between patient rooms. An easy-to-read pressure display provides constant confirmation of the appropriate therapy.

The Refurbishing Process

Because Soma Tech Intl is an ISO 13485-certified facility, we have a strenuous refurbishment process to make certain that all of our products are in great working condition. First, our purchasing team buys units from medical facilities. Once these medical units ship to one of our five large warehouses, it is tested by highly trained biomedical engineers. Once necessary parts are replaced, the unit is sent to cosmetics for sanding, painting, and replacement of decals. After cosmetics, the unit is brought back to the biomedical engineers and tested again to make certain that the machine functions like new, and is up to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. Finally, the machine is carefully packaged and shipped to your medical facility for immediate use.

Where to Buy a Sequential Compression Device

Soma Tech has a wide range of medical equipment options, so of course, we have SCDs! These devices are refurbished back to OEM specifications. If you are not sure which of these devices is right for you, please talk to one of our sales directors. Our sales directors can help you pick out an option that is right for you, or right for your medical facility.

Sequential Compression Device Rental

If you are not ready to purchase one, or you would like to test out the different models, we offer medical equipment rental options, and rent-to-own options as well. There are benefits to renting SCDs. Your facility can avoid acquisition and maintenance costs on your rented equipment. Equipment will be ensured to meet immediate needs. There is no downtime in operations due to repairs or preventative maintenance. In the unlikely event that a machine has an issue, we have a great service department.

Service Department

In the very rare and unlikely case that your machine encounters a problem either within our competitive warranty period or after the period is over, we have a great SCD service department. We will assist you in getting a biomedical engineer to your facility or arranging for technical support over the phone. We offer lifetime free technical phone support.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used an SCD? Are the features on this device that you would change or some that you enjoy using? Is there a brand of medical equipment that you trust the most? Comment below!


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