Leica M530 OHX Rental

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Pricing up to 50% below the cost of new,
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Lecia M530 OHX Rental Features

Soma Tech Intl offers the Leica M530 OHX surgical microscope as a rental option. The OHX surgical microscope comes with FusionOptics that result in High resolution and an enhanced depth of field. Making the Visibility even clearer in deep cavities. The Surgical microscope has three different integrated fluorescent modes – here you can focus on the exact details needed. The M530 OHX is easy and effortless to move and accurately position for procedures with a 600 mm working distance.

  • Superior overhead clearance and 36% longer reach than competitive
    products, for positioning flexibility and space to work
  • Compact footprint to maximize OR space
  • Easily maneuver instruments thanks to market-leading 600 mm
    working distance
  • Fast stabilization at all angles keeps workflow interruptions to a
  • Bright, true-to-life color visualization with 400-Watt xenon light
  • Small Angle Illumination (SAI) for optimal view to the bottom of
    deep, narrow cavities
  • Clear, sharply focused image thanks to
    apochromatic optics
  • Leica Magnification Multiplier with 40%
    magnification boost (optional)


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