Hologic Fluoroscan Premier Encore Mini C-Arm

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Hologic Fluoroscan Premier Encore Features

The fourth-generation Premier Encore system raises mini C-arm fluoroscopy to new levels of image quality, economy, ease of use, and safety while bringing expanded administrative capabilities and connectivity to the radiology department. Hologic’s FluoroScan business pioneered the mini C-arm concept for orthopedic applications. Our products provide real-time imaging capabilities for the operating room with a minimal investment of manpower and lifecycle costs from the radiology department.

  • Dual 6″ x 4″ II
  • Can be used in a variety of diagnostic, surgical, and post-operative extremities procedures including hand, wrist, forearm, shoulder, foot ankle, and knee
  • Utilizes a compact, fully adjustable counterbalanced c-arm for X-ray imaging of extremities at greatly reduced levels of radiation exposure and scatter

Hologic Fluoroscan Premier Encore Specifications


  • Height 60″ (152cm)
  • Width 36″ (91cm)
  • Depth 32″ (81cm)
  • Weight 500 lbs (227kg)
  • Ground Clearance 3″ (7.6cm)
  • Cord Length 20 ft (6.1m)
  • Required Floor Space 5’ x 6′ (1.5m x 2.0 m)

Power Requirements

  • Nominal Rate Line Voltage 10V~, 60Hz; 230-240V~, 50Hz
  • Operating Range 90 to 132V~; 180 to 264V~
  • Line Voltage Regulation ±10% daily line reg.; ±5% load reg
  • Max Current at 75kVp/.100mA 6A at 105V, 4A at 210V; 6A at 115V, 4A at 230V, 6A at 130V, 4A at 260V

X-Ray Specifications

  • Source – Image Receptor Distance 44 cm (17.5″)
  • X-Ray Source Grounded anode X-ray tube
  • X-Ray Tube Window .0005″ Beryllium
  • Beam Filtration Stainless steel with aluminum equivalence >2.5mm
  • Focal Spot 0.0045 mm
  • Field of View Operator selectable collimation of 4″ or 5.13″ diameter (10 cm or 13.5 cm) FOV at the plane of the image intensifier
  • Rated Peak Tube Potential 75 kVp
  • Tube kVp Range 40 to 75 kVp
  • Tube Current Range 0.020 to 0.100mA

Imaging Specifications

  • Image Intensifier High sensitivity Cesium Iodine
  • C-Arm Dimensions Source to detector distance: 17.5″ (44cm)
  • Free Space: 14″ (36cm); Depth of arc = 14″ (36 cm)
  • Imagining Processing Digital, with 2 to 16 frames of video averaging and last frame freeze
  • Video System Dual 15″ (38 cm) SVGA Portrait Mode Monitors. Solid rate video camera; RS170 video printer


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