GE OEC 6600 Mini-C-Arm

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GE OEC 6600 Mini-C-Arm Features:

Introducing the mini c-arm GE OEC 6600 into your practice may be the perfect imaging device to start you off. Available at a lower cost than its bigger counterparts and its costlier stablemates, the GE OEC 6600 comes with standard CRT monitors and a resolution of 512 x 512. With a 27” x 27” footprint, it can easily be transported for use even in space-constrained areas.

  • Dual 16-inch Hi-Resolution Monitors.
  • Dual Mode 6/4 Inch Image Intensifier.
  • Surgery Platform.
  • Image Storage.
  • Last Image Hold.
  • Motion Artifact Reduction System.
  • Gamma Correction.
  • One Shot Frame Integration.
  • Fluoro Boost.

GE OEC 6600 Mini-C-Arm Specifications:

X-Ray Tube

  • Type: Fixed anode, tungsten filament.
  • Target Angle: 13.5 degrees.
  • Focal Spot: 0.25 x 0.25 millimeters.
  • Filtration Inherent: 0.2 mm Al equivalent.
  • Total: 1.8 mm Al equivalent.
  • Beam Quality Minimum: HVL 2.6 mm Al @ 70 kV.
  • Leakage Technique Factors: 75 kV and 100 pA.
  • X-ray Tube Rating: 80 kilovolts maximum.


  • Base Dimensions

    • Height: 163.2cm (64.25 inches)
    • Width: 69.21cm (27.25 inches)
    • Depth: 69.21cm (27.25 inches)
  • C-Arm Extension

    • Maximum Front 15.94cm (62.75 inches)
    • Max. Height Up 17.90cm (705 inches)
    • Mm. Height Down 22.30cm (8.75 inches)
  • Transport Position

    • Height 163.2cm (64.25 inches)
    • Mm. Width 80.65cm (31.75 inches)
    • Mm. Depth 76.84cm (30.25 inches)


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