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Philips PageWriter TC35 -  EKG Machine -  Soma Tech Intl

Philips PageWriter TC35

Philips PageWriter TC35 Features The Philips PageWriter TC35 is a 12-lead portable EKG machine. The Philips TC35 is the latest version of the PageWriter family. The Philips ECG system offers…

Mindray Accutorr V -  Soma Tech Intl

Mindray Accutorr V

…audible settings for when the patient’s condition change. Mindray has a variety of vital signs patient monitors, which includes the Mindray Accutorr 7. Lightweight, portable monitor with large bright LEDs…

GE MAC 5 EKG Machine by Soma Tech Intl


GE MAC 5 Features The GE MAC 5 EKG machine is a portable electrocardiograph that can capture 3, 6, or 12-lead electrocardiograms on adult and pediatric patients. It features interpretive…

Edan SE-301 - Soma Tech Intl

Edan SE-301

Edan SE-301 Features The Edan SE-301 is an EKG that offers a compact, lightweight, and portable design. The Edan SE 301 offers a 5-inch high-resolution color touch screen that can…

Edan F6 - Soma Tech Intl

Edan F6

Edan F6 Features The Edan F6 is a portable Fetal Monitor that can be used in both hospital delivery rooms and private practice offices. The Edan F6 offers non-invasive and…

Hemochron Signature Elite - Coagulation Analyzer - Soma Tech Intl

Hemochron Signature Elite

…uses Hemochron Jr. disposable single-use cuvettes. Portable for use at the bedside Illuminated display Integrated barcode scanner Results from 600 patients and 600 QC tests can be stored. Stored results…

Zimmer IntelliCart System

Zimmer IntelliCart System

Zimmer IntelliCart System Features The Zimmer IntelliCart waste management system sets the industry standard with its impressive 34-liter fluid capacity, ultra-quiet vacuum pump, obstruction-free suction manifolds, and portable smoke evacuation…

Buffalo Filter PlumeSafe Whisper Turbo

Buffalo Filter PlumeSafe Whisper Turbo

…applications, while its compact, portable design facilitates easy integration into any healthcare setting. With an intuitive control interface, it offers user-friendly operation and low noise output for a serene surgical…

Covidien Kangaroo Connect Feeding Pump - Soma Tech Intl

Covidien Kangaroo Connect

Covidien Kangaroo Connect Features The Covidien Kangaroo Connect Feeding Pump is a portable solution for delivering enteral nutrition with precision and flexibility. Suitable for various medical environments including hospitals, acute…

Medtronic INVOS 5100C - Regional Oximeter - Cerebral Somatic Oximeter

Medtronic INVOS 5100C Regional Oximeter

…cath labs. Noninvasive real-time monitoring Identify regional oxygenation in adults, pediatrics, and neonatal patients. Intuitive interface with an easy-to-use design Compact and portable, allowing for flexibility in various clinical settings….