Bladder Scanners

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Used and Refurbished BladderScan BVI 9600 Bladder Scanner - Soma Tech Intl

Verathon BladderScan BVI 9600

…the Bladder Scanning mode and the Aorta Scanning mode. BladderScan Mode When scanning the bladder with BladderScan mode, the BVI 9600 measures urinary bladder volume and post-void residual (PVR). It…

AortaScan AMI 9700 - Soma Tech Intl

Verathon AORTASCAN AMI 9700

Varathon AortaScan AMI 9700 Features The refurbished Verathon AortaScan AMI 9700 is a portable ultrasound system used for aortic measurements. The AortaScan AMI 9700 creates a 3D Image of the…

Abiomed iPulse Intra-Aortic Ballon Pump - Soma Tech Intl

Abiomed iPulse Intra-Aortic Ballon Pumps

Abiomed iPulse Features The Abiomed iPulse is an Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump that offers critical support to patients. The system works to improve the blood flow throughout the body and improve…

Refurbished Drager Narkomed Mri Anesthesia Machine - Soma Tech Intl

Drager Narkomed MRI

Drager Narkomed MRI Features The Narkomed MRI is a unique anesthesia system. It is the sole machine with an integrated ventilator and VPO monitor designed and engineered to perform without…

Philips Invivo Expression MRI - Patient Monitor - Soma Tech intl

Philips Invivo Expression MRI

…safety. The Patient Monitor does not interfere with the images and operation of the MRI. With a low magnetic signature, the patient monitor can be used with most MRI scanners,…

GE Vscan Extend - Portable Ultrasound System - Soma Tech Intl.

GE Vscan Extend Portable Ultrasound

…to patient’s vital information. Cloud ecosystem that provides access to guided workflow, reports, and triage applications Downloadable apps such as Bladder Volume and Lung protocol Sector and dual probe options…

SonoSite X-Porte - Soma Tech intl

SonoSite X-Porte

SonoSite X-Porte Features The SonoSite X-Porte is a point-of-care-ultrasounds system that offers Extreme Definition Imaging (XDI). The X-Porte is a shared server ultrasound system and can provide ultrasonic imaging for…

Zimmer ATS 4000 Tourniquet - Soma Tech Intl

Zimmer ATS 4000

…Facilitates dual port, dual bladder cuff usage for IVRA/Bier Block procedures Uses dedicated ports for supplying and measuring pressure which allows for fast and precise pressure regulations Visual and audible…

Olympus  CYF-2 - Soma Technology, Inc

Olympus CYF-2

…be used for examination/treatment in the kidney – This scope is suitable for use as a cystoscope for bladder examinations and also as a nephroscope for kidney examinations and procedures….

SmartVest SV2100 - HFCWO Device - Soma Technology, Inc.

SmartVest SV2100 HFCWO Device

…and vest. The generator is designed to operate in either the upright or horizontal position. Washable SmartVest garment. (sold separately) Removable air bladder system. Programmable, multi-position, ultra-quiet SmartVest SV2100 generator….