Bladder Scanners

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Skytron 3003 IP Imaging Table - Soma Technology, Inc.

GE 4C-RS Convex Probe

…(Vivid i, i n, q, S5) Applications: Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Vascular (Logiq i), Urology (Logiq e, i), Thoracic/Pleural (Logiq e), Hip (Logiq e), Spine (Logiq e), Bladder (Logiq e), Musculoskeletal…

GE LOGIQ A5 Ultrasound Machine - Soma Tech Intl


…with tools that include soft tissue image analysis for kidneys, bladder, abdominal, and prostate. The system is compatible with a wide variety of transducers from bi-plane rectal transducers to a…

Axia TL5 - X-Ray Imaging Table - Soma Tech Intl

Axia STL5

…procedures, orthopedic, endovascular, gall bladder, and other X-ray procedures. This table is available with 2 different styles of table tops; standard and cervical. The cervical top is 22 inches wide…