GE AMX 4 Plus

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GE AMX 4 Plus Features

The GE AMX 4 Plus portable GE X-ray machine is designed for easy operation. Each time you push a button, you can depend on the same consistent radiographic quality that is seen in a full-scale X-ray. Since the AMX 4 Plus is battery-operated, there is no need to plug in your mobile X-ray unit before taking exposures. This makes it easily adapted to operating, intensive care, and emergency room applications. Mobility and ease of use make the AMX-4 Plus ideally suited for all routine radiographic procedures, within intensive care units, cardiac care units, emergency, and operating rooms, pediatrics, neonatal units, orthopedics, and clinics.

  • Analog X-ray system in a compact, easy-to-maneuver package.
  • Up to 50 high-quality exposures with a single charge.
  • Dual-drive motors and oversized casters facilitate movement even in taxing environments.
  • Operator controls are microprocessor-based, combining the latest technology with simplicity of design.
  • Message display to provide helpful information on the operating status of the system.
  • Ergonomic Handswitch Controls.
  • Compact manual Collimator with built-in SIDbutton on collimator face.

GE AMX 4 Plus Specifications


  • Height: 70 inches (177.8 cm) for models 2169360-6, 2236420-6, and 2275938-6, -12, -13, -14, -15
  • Height: 76 inches (193 cm) for all other models.
  • Width: 25-3/16 inches (64 cm)
  • Length: 45-3/8 inches (115.3 cm)
  • Weight: 1080 lb (490 kg)

Environmental Limits

  • Operating temperature range: 59 to 100 Degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 38 Degrees Celsius) at 80% non-condensing humidity.
  • Storage temperature ranges from -40 to +140 Degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to +60 Degrees Celsius)
  • Maximum operating altitude: 8,000 feet (2440 meters)


  • Tube vertical movement measured at the focal spot (arm extended)
    • Range at least 46.5 inches
    • Lowest position 26.1 inches
    • Highest position 72.6 inches)
  • The horizontal movement measured at the focal spot relative to the column face is 24 inches (61.0 cm) minimum, to 40 inches (101.6 cm) maximum.
  • Tube Column rotation measured from the horizontal arm latch is +/-270 degrees.
  • Tube and yoke rotation around the Horizontal Arm measured from the tube port down position:
    • Range 360 degrees;
    • Detent locations, +/-90, and +/-180 degrees.
  • Tube Trunnion rotation measured from tube port down position:
    • Range 120 degrees;
    • Forward 110 degrees;
    • Backward 10 degrees;
    • Detent 0 degrees, and 90 degrees.
  • Collimator Rotation measured from the front of the collimator with the tube port facing down:
    • Range 180 degrees;
    • Right 90 degrees;
    • Left 90 degrees;
    • Detent 0 and 90 degrees.

Drive Speed

  • Drive Speed is 264 feet (670.5 cm) per minute +/- 25%;
  • Maneuvering Speed is 30% to 60% of drive speed.

kVp Accuracy

  • The rise time of the kVp waveform from 10% to 90% of the maximum kVp is 1.2 milliseconds or less.
  • The fall time of the kVp waveform from 90% of the maximum kV to 20 kV is 2.5 milliseconds or less.
  • The accuracy of the kVp waveform to selected kVp is +/- 8% of the value displayed on the operator panel for the first 20 ms and +/- 5% after 20 ms. Accuracy applies within the range of the bar graph battery charge indicator.

Collimator Function

  • Type: Manual
  • The minimum source-to-skin distance is limited to more than 30 centimeters by the skin spacers at the beam exit of the collimator.
  • Full 17 by 17 inch (43 by 43 centimeters) radiographic coverage at 40 inch (1.02 meter) Source to Image Distance.
  • Minimum inherent filtration of 2.0 mm aluminum equivalent at 100 kVp.

Collimator Light Field Intensity

  • The average illumination at a distance of 100 cm (39.37 inches) from the focal spot shall be 16-foot candles (170 lux) or more.

Generator Performance and Tubes

  • 0.75 mm focal spot (NEMA): 3-inch rotating anode: GE X-Ray tube model HRT09.
  • 275,000 HU anode heat storage capacity.
  • 15° target angle.
  • Low-speed (3,000 rpm) operation only (See Product Data Sheet D1046)
  • The generator is a closed loop kVp design using microprocessor regulation to assure constant and accurate kVp at all battery conditions.

Battery Specifications

  • Nine 12.9-volt batteries connected in series provide approximately 116 volts at full charge.

Battery Capacity

  • The GE AMX 4+ battery capacity can be measured by one of the following five methods. All capacities are measured after the AMX-4+ has been charged to the “CHARGE COMPLETE” state. Available capacity as stated applies only to new battery sets free of defective cells. Capacity may decrease as the battery nears the end of its useful life.

Method 1: Exams

  • The GE AMX 4+ batteries will provide capacity for more than 20 typical EXAMs. An “EXAM” is defined as:
    • Two 70 kVp, 10 mAs X-ray exposures including:
    • > 7 seconds of prep (rotor and filament drive)
    • > 25 seconds of field light
    • 5 minutes of driving time
    • 9 minutes of idle time
  • The formula in the “VARIED USAGE” section can be used to determine the number of total EXAMs available for usage regimes different from this typical case.

Method 2: X-ray Exposures

  • The GE AMX 4+ batteries will provide enough capacity for 165 or more 100 kVp, 100 mAs X-ray exposures. Each exposure includes 4 seconds of prep (rotor and filament drive) time and 30 seconds of idle time for battery recovery. This number may be reduced by the additional idle time required for X-ray tube cooling.

Method 3: Drive Time

  • The AMX 4+ batteries will provide enough capacity for 140 minutes of continuous drive time. This time is typically independent of driving conditions, however, it may be reduced if a significant portion of the drive is on carpeting or up ramps

Method 4: Idle Time

  • The AMX-4+ batteries will provide capacity for 23.3 hours of continuous idle time. “Idle” is the time when the AMX 4+ is ON but not being used.

Method 5: Varied Usage

  • For varied usage, the AMX 4+ batteries will provide capacity according to the following formula:
    • { (idle time in minutes ) _ 3} +
    • { (drive time in minutes ) _ 30} +
    • { ( field light time in minutes ) _ 25 } +
    • { ( prep time in minutes ) _ 30} +
    • { ( exposure energy* ) _ 2.17} = 4200
    • *exposure energy = cumulative { ( kVp _ mAs ) _1000 }
  • EXAMPLE: Assume one desires to estimate the number of exams available from an AMX 4+ used in a particular pediatric ward. It is determined that a typical exam for this case is comprised of:
    • Two 70 kVp, 0.8 mAs X-ray exposures including:
      • > 3 seconds of prep
      • > 15 seconds of field light
      • 1 minute of drive
      • 5 minutes of idle
    • Using the above formula we can estimate the number of exams as follows:
      • each EXAM uses { (5 idle minutes ) _ 3} + { (1 drive minutes ) _ 30} + 2 x [ { (15 _ 60 field light minutes ) _ 25} + { (3 _ 60 prep minutes ) _ 30} + { ( (70 kVp _ 0.8 mAs ) _ 1000 ) _ 2.17} ] = 60.7
      • Therefore the total number of typical EXAMs available is: 4200 _ 60.7 = 69

Refurbished GE AMX 4 Plus Portable GE X-ray Machine

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