Mitsubishi P90 B/W Printer

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Mitsubishi P90 B/W Printer Features

The P90 not only prints fast but thanks to its USB 2.0 connection, your pictures are sent to the printer at lightning speed. This is because, particularly in the area of medical documentation, quality control, or surveillance services, there are more important things to do than wait for the printout. A truly highly developed technology, however, offers not just rapidity but extreme ease of use too.

The comfortable adjustment possibilities make the P90 your personal assistant. You have the choice between 7 different picture formats and can insert texts of up to 40 characters or a date &time stamp. When printing more than one picture you save paper as the space between the individual pictures can be reduced (paper save function).

Also, the adjustment of your P90 is easy, the lock function enables you to protect your individual settings for as long as you want.

  • 325 dpi high-resolution printhead
  • Print speed from 3.7 seconds
  • Compact size of only 154x90x256 mm
  • Quick and easy adjustment on the front panel
  • Panorama-print up to 100×450 mm
  • Extensive adjustment possibilities using the printer driver



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