Covidien Kendall A-V Impulse Foot Compression System

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Impulse Foot Compression System Features

The A-V Impulse foot compression system sequential compression device that helps to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE) by mimicking the natural hemodynamic process of walking and weight bearing. Upon every step, the plantar arch is flattened, causing an immediate evacuation of blood from the plexus of veins in the bottom of the foot. This action sends a column of blood up to the leg and back to the heart. The ImPad rigid sole foot covers on the A-V Impulse are designed with a hard sole, which contains and directs the impulse to the bottom of the foot. This action mimics the natural hemodynamic effect of ambulation and has been clinically proven to reduce this incidence of VTE as well as post-operative swelling and pain utilizing the A-V Impulse.

  • Provides DVT Prophylaxis
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Enhances arterial blood flow
  • 0.4-second rapid inflation with the A-V Impulse simulates the weight-bearing process.
  • 3 3-second hold time with 1 1-second option can be used for patients with casted or sensitive limbs.
  • 20-second vent between impulses allows optimal refilling of the plantar venous plexus.
  • 130 mmHg pressure balances efficacy and patient comfort

Safety by Design

  • Automatic pressure adjustment on the A-V Impulse assures delivery of the pre-set operating parameters regardless of any changes in patient position.
  • Low and high-pressure alarms indicate if operating pressures vary from the desired therapeutic range.
  • Automatic venting and shut-off occur in the presence of a high-pressure alarm situation.

Easy of Use

  • Preset to the optimal clinically proven parameters. Operating parameters on the A-V Impulse can be customized to meet individual patient requirements.
  • Easy-to-read pressure display provides constant confirmation of appropriate therapy.
  • Independently operated dual channels.
  • The A-V Impulse has a compact design and integrated bed mount.
  • Clear troubleshooting icons.

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