Axia Closed Case Cart

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Axia Closed Case Cart Features

The Axia Closed Case Cart is a stainless steel welded cart that can securely and sterilely transport surgical instruments and supplies. The closed carts are built for strength and quality, offering a soundproof, quiet operation of the doors. This Axia cart comes in a variety of styles, including glass doors. The Glass in these doors is made of polycarbonate for high temperatures and high impact.

  • Fully welded construction with an inner skeletal system for strength and easy service with bolt-on features
  • Soundproof tops and doors for quiet operation
  • 6″ maintenance-free, high temp, high-pressure stainless steel casters with sealed ball bearings (3 swivels & 1 fixed directional)
  • Bolt-on exterior push handle for better control
  • Bolt-on full wrap-around non-marring bumper assembly
  • Bolt-on door hinges
  • Bolt-on positive lock door latches
  • Bolt-on 8.5” x 11” card holder
  • Bolt-on tamper evidence security hasps

Axia Stainless Steel Closed Case Cart Specifications

Optional Features

  • Clean Dirty Indicator (CDI)
  • 6″ Stainless steel total locking casters (1 swivel, 2 total locking, 1 directional lock)
  • Washable cart, High-temp
  • Side Extensions per side
  • The flag system contains 1 flag of each: red, yellow, and green
  • Optional glass door (per door)
  • Solid, adjustable roll-out shelf
  • perforated, adjustable non-roll-out shelf
  • Wire shelf (depending on cart size and Qty – Call for inquiry) roll-out
  • Toe hitch

Models and Dimensions

  • AXCC8-1PS – 28.125″D X 28.75″W X 37.625″H (71.437 cm D x 73.05 cm W x 95.567 cm H) / 25″D X 23.25″W X 28.5″H (63.5 cm D x 59.055 cm W x 72.39 cm H), 1PS, 1 Door
  • AXCC7-2PS – 28.125″D x 41.75″W X 53.625″H (71.437 cm D x 106.045 cm W x 136.207 cm H)/ 25″D X 36″W X 44.5″H (63.5 cm D x 91.44 cm W x 113.03 cm H), 2PS, 2 Door
  • AXCC6-1PS – 29.125″D X 29.375″W X 39.625″H (73.97 cm D x 74.61 cm W x 100.647 cm H)/ 25″D X 23.625″W X 30.5″H (63.5 cm D x 58.42 cm W x 77.47 cm H), 1PS, 1 Door
  • AXCC3-1PS – 28.125″D X 46″W X 39.375″H (71.437 cm D x 116.84 cm W x 100 cm H) / 25″D X 40.25″W X 30.25″H (63.5 cm D x 102.235 cm W x 76.835 cm H), 1PS, 2 Door
  • AXCC12-1PS – 29.125″D X 41.75″W X 40″H (73.97 cm D x 106.045 cm W x 101.6 cm H) / 25″D X 36″W X 31″H (63.5 cm D x 91.44 cm w x 87.74 cm H) , 1PS, 2 Door
  • AXCC2-2PS – 32.625″D X 34″W X 56.375″H (82.867 cm D x 86.36 W x 143.19 cm H) / 28.5″D X 28.5″W X 47.25″H (72.39 cm D x 72.39 cm W x 120 cm H), 2PS, 1 Door



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