Cardiac Science Quinton Q-Stress Test System

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Cardiac Science Quinton Q-Stress Test System Features

The Quinton Q-Stress is the hospital industry’s gold standard. New! Microvolt T-Wave AlternansTM for Q-Stress combines the industry’s leading cardiac stress test system with Cambridge Heart’s unique Microvolt T-Wave Alternans (MTWA) testing system, creating the most comprehensive, reimbursable cardiac risk-profiling system in the industry (US-only). The Analytic Spectral Method® (ASM) detects every-other-beat patterns unique to patients at increased risk by analyzing the ECG in the frequency or spectral domain. Data shows that using frequency is superior at filtering out noise and artifacts than using timing alone.

Its easy-to-learn left-to-right workflow, simple-to-understand icons, and intuitive controls guide technicians through the stress test. Busy stress labs use QuikLists to enter comments quickly and efficiently.

Its proprietary algorithm, baseline wander, and motion artifact filters reduce noise and produce clean ECG tracings even at high speeds and steep grades. Perfect for pharmacological stress tests as well. Patients will appreciate getting the best test results the first time.

And Q-Stress is HL7 and DICOM compatible! Q-Stress has the flexibility to connect to the Healthcare IT systems in the way that works best to enhance the clinical workflow.

Cardiac Science Quinton Q-Stress Test System Specifications

Operating System

  • Windows XP / Vista Ultimate

Power Requirements

  • 100/120 VAC 50/60 Hz 2.5 A nominal;
  • 200/240 VAC 50/60 Hz 1.3 A nominal


  • Standard: Bruce, Modified Bruce, Modified Balke, Naughton, USAF/SAM 2.0, USAF/SAM 3.3, Rampedlow, Ramped-medium, Ramped high, Åstrand (ergometer), Persantine (pharmacological)
  • CustomUnlimited custom protocols can be created

Patient Module

  • AHA 10-electrode with pinch or snap connectors
  • IEC 10-electrode with pinch or snap connectors (available for International only)


  • Capability: True 12-lead
  • Gain: 5 mm/mV, 10 mm/mV, 20 mm/mV
  • Lead groups: Standard (Mason-Likar), Cabrera 12-lead, Frank, Canadian Bipolar
  • Display: 3, 6, 12 channels
  • Performance Standards: AAMI-EC II: gain accuracy, frequency response, CMRR, system noise, dynamic range, and input impedance

Display and Analysis Filte

  • Muscle artifact filter, baseline wander filter,40 Hz low pass, line frequency. All filters canbe turned on or off by the user

ECG Computations

  • Heart Rate: Computation 6-second average updated every 2 seconds
  • ST Parameters: Level and slope
  • Reference Point: J Junction (QRS offset), user-selectable
  • QRS Detection: ASVV (Absolute Spatial Vector Velocity), the user can select any three leads
  • Beat Detection: Enhanced Quinton Stress algorithm for improved beat detection


  • In-Test:12-lead, average beat, 1-page write screen, continuous write screen, ectopic detail
  • Final: Summary, tabular, worst case, average beats, in-test reports, trend graphs, and peak exercise. Full Disclosure page addendum available with Full Disclosure option Reports can be viewed, printed, saved in PDF format, e-mailed, or faxed. XML format for data export to other systems
  • Custom: Unlimited custom reports available

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