Steris HarmonyAIR G-Series

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Steris HarmonyAIR G-Series Features

The G-Series uses a single-color, phosphor-coated LED chip for crisp, white light without the color fringing
or color-shifting effects of multi-color LEDs. This provides natural color rendition, allowing
surgeons to accurately and consistently assess and interpret tissue and vessel appearance, helping
provide the best possible patient outcomes.

  • Surgical lights
  • Single-color
  • Phosphor coated LED
  • 160,000 lux max central illuminance
  • 4400K +/- 300°K
  • Up to 96 CRI (color rendering index)
  • Up to 98 R9 (deep saturated red color index)
  • 50,000-hour life

Steris HarmonyAIR G-Series Specifications


  • Diameter: 585 mm
  • Depth of Field: 38” (97 cm) at 20%; 21” (53 cm) at 60%
  • Pattern Size: (D10) 7” – 11” (18-28 cm); 7” (18cm) fixed


  • Number of LEDs: 60
  • Maximum Central Illuminance: < 500 W/m1
  • Heat to Light Ratio x 3.1 mW/m2-lx
  • D50/D10 (small pattern): 62%
  • CCT (Color Temp): 4400 +/- 300 K
  • CRI: up to 96
  • R9: up to 98
  • Chromaticity Coordinates: (0.369, 0.371)
  • UV emission (300-400 nm): 2.69 W/m2
  • Power Consumption (LEDs only): 40 watts
  • Life (B50, L70 definition): 50,000 hrs

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