Leica M500N OHS-1

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Leica M500N OHS-1 Features

The Leica M500N OHS-1 surgical microscope was considered the standard for intra-cranial and back procedures. It includes a 300-watt light source.

  • Variable Working Distance.
  • Xenon Light Source.
  • Leica M500 series Optics carrier.
  • Variable objective lens 207-407mm.
  • Leica M500 dual stereo attachment.
  • 2 Leica 0-180 degree inclinable binos.
  • 4 Leica 10x widefield eyepieces.
  • Pistol grip hand controls.
  • OHS-1 floor stand.
  • Xenon 300 W light.

Leica M500N OHS-1 Specifications


  • Stand Height: 83” (2,11 cm)
  • Arm Length: 72.4” (1,840 cm)
  • Weight: 606.2 lbs (275 kg)


  • Magnification: electric zoom 1:6
  • Focus Mechanism: Electric multi-focus adjustment Manual focus (OHS-1 stand)
  • Working Distance: electric multifocal adjustment: 207 mm to 407 mm
  • Total Magnification: 13.5 × 1.4 × (10 × eyepiece used)
  • Field of View Diameter: 16 mm to 150 mm (10 × eyepiece used)
  • Main Light Source: 300W xenon lamp light source spare: 21V 150W halogen lamp
  • Stand: 6-axis electromagnetic brake with floor stand
  • The main body complete: (M500N)
  • Stand: (OHS-1)

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