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Zeiss OPMI LUMERA 700 Features

The Zeiss OPMI LUMERA 700 combines a surgical microscope with commercial OCT for ophthalmic applications. The OPMI LUMERA 700 with integrated intraoperative OCT seamlessly integrates into your surgical workflow adding a real-time 3rd dimension to your visualization capabilities. This system allows the surgeon to view transparent structures of the eye during the surgery and instantly monitor your surgical decisions, progress, and outcomes. The non-contact fundus viewing systems provide a clear, detailed visualization of the retina.

  • Quick switching between a second lens and magnification.
  • Real-time reassurance during retina surgery.
  • Stereo coaxial illumination (SCI).
  • Highly stable, high-contrast red reflex.
  • Assistance functions in the eyepiece.
  • Motorized zoom system with apochromatic lens.
  • Zoom ratio 1:6.
  • Magnification factor = 0.4 x-2.4 x
  • Focusing: Electric/motorized
  • Focus range: 70mm

Zeiss OPMI LUMERA 700 Specifications

Surgical Microscope

  • Motorized zoom system with apochromatic lens
  • Zoom Ratio: 1:6
  • Magnification factor: 0.4 x–2.4 x
  • Focusing: electric/motorized, focus range: 70 mm
  • Objective lens: f = 200 mm (optionally also f = 175 mm or f = 225 mm with support ring)
  • Binocular tube: Invertertube E (optionally also Invertertube, 180° swivel tube, f = 170 mm, inclined tube, f = 170 mm)
  • Wide-angle eyepiece 10 x (optionally also 12.5 x)

Light Source

  • SCI: Coaxial and full-field illumination (patent pending)
  • Fiber-optic illumination Superlux Eye:
    • Xenon short arc reflector lamp with HaMode filter
    • The backup lamp in the lamp housing can be slid into position manually
  • LED fiber-optic illumination:
    • Near-daylight color temperature
    • 50,000 hour lifetime at 50 % light intensity
    • HaMode filter
    • 25 % gray filter
    • Class 2 LED device according to IEC 60825-1:2001
  • For all light sources:
    • Blue blocking filter
    • Optional: Fluorescence filter

Slit Lamp

  • Slit widths: 0.2 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm
  • Slit height: 12 mm

XY Coupling

  • Travel range: max. 61 mm x 61 mm
  • Automatic centering at the touch of a button

Video Monitor

  • 22” LCD display
  • Resolution: 1,680 x 1,050


  • The maximum permissible weight load of the spring arm: When the surgical microscope is attached to the arm (without tube, eyepiece, or objective lens) and the XY coupling is also attached, a maximum of 9 kg of additional accessories can be attached to the spring arm.

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